1. From the Act of Judging to the Sentence: The Problem of Truth Bearers From Bolzano to Tarski.Jan Wole'nski & Artur Rojszczak - 2005 - Springer.
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    Reism and Le'sniewski's Ontology.Jan Wole'nski - 1986 - History and Philosophy of Logic 7 (2):167-176.
    This paper examines relations between reism, the metaphysical theory invented by Tadeusz Kotarbi?ski, and Le?niewski's calculus of names. It is shown that Kotarbi?ski's interpretation of common nouns as genuine names, i.e. names of things is essentially based on Le?niewski's logical ideas. It is pointed out that Le?niewskian semantics offers better prospects for nominalism than does semantics of the standard firstorder predicate calculus.
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