For publishers: submitting content to PhilPapers

We make available several tools to help publishers and content providers submit large amounts of content to PhilPapers. The editors will consider each request to monitor a journal individually. The decision will be based on the relevance and the standing of the journal.

RSS feeds

One simple way to submit your journal articles to PhilPapers is via a RSS feeds. Standard RSS does not have enough fields, so you need to add PRISM tags to the feed, or to supply URLs to pages that contain additional metadata. RSS feeds are our preferred way of indexing journal articles on an on-going basis. For book data and backlogs of journal articles, we suggest that you use one of the other methods below.

See this page for more details on RSS submissions.

FTP feeds

Our preferred way of indexing book data (including when possible individual book chapters) is via FTP-based feeds (normally using the ONIX format). Our FTP ingestion system supports a range of different formats.

See this page for more details on FTP feeds.

Batch submissions on the web

If your organization lacks the facilities to supply RSS feeds or FTP feeds, you can submit batch data via the bibliography upload system, which supports a number of widespread bibliographic files (for example, EndNote). This sytem also supports spreadsheets.


PhilPapers is subscribed to CrossRef, so you can submit your metadata indirectly via CrossRef. Make sure to let us know that you have a feed on CrossRef.