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Marie Draz
San Diego State University
  1. On Gender Neutrality: Derrida and Transfeminism in Conversation.Marie Draz - 2017 - philoSOPHIA: A Journal of Continental Feminism 7 (1):91-98.
    There is already a long history of conversation between feminism and deconstruction, feminist theorists and Derrida or Derrideans. That conversation has been by turns fraught and constructive. While some of these interactions have occurred in queer feminism, to date little has been done to stage an engagement between deconstruction and transfeminism. Naysayers might think that transfeminism is too recent and too identitarian a discourse to meaningfully interact with Derrida’s legacy. On the other hand, perhaps Derrida’s work was too embedded in (...)
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  2. Burning It In? Nietzsche, Gender, and Externalized Memory.Marie Draz - 2018 - Feminist Philosophy Quarterly 4 (2).
    In this article, I extend the feminist use of Friedrich Nietzsche’s account of memory and forgetting to consider the contemporary externalization of memory foregrounded by transgender experience. Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morals argues that memory is “burnt in” to the forgetful body as a necessary part of subject-formation and the requirements of a social order. Feminist philosophers have employed Nietzsche’s account to illuminate how gender, as memory, becomes embodied. While the account of the “burnt in” repetitions of gender allows (...)
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    Retro-Sex, Anti-Trans Legislation, and the Colonial/Modern Gender System.Marie Draz - 2021 - philoSOPHIA A Journal of transContinental Feminism 11 (1-2):26-48.
    This essay uses Maria Lugones’s account of the colonial/modern gender system to analyze the retro-use of “biological sex” in recent anti-trans legislation. The retro-use of sex refers to the role of sex in legislation that has been widely described by critics as moving the U.S. backward in time, or as a rollback of trans rights. The essay argues that Lugones’s theorization of the sex/gender distinction in the context of colonialism offers a better way of understanding the retro-use of sex in (...)
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    Continental Feminism.Dilek Huseyinzadegan, Jana McAuliffe, Marie Draz, Tamsin Kimoto, Erika Brown, Jameliah Shorter Bourhanou & Ege Selin Islekel - 2020 - The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
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    Making Sense of Intersex: Changing Ethical Perspectives in Biomedicine by Ellen Feder. [REVIEW]Marie Draz - 2016 - Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal 26 (2):34-39.
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    From Duration to Self-Identification?: The Temporal Politics of the California Gender Recognition Act.Marie Draz - 2019 - Transgender Studies Quarterly.
    This article examines the temporal politics of the 2017 California Gender Recognition Act (CGRA). The author first offers a brief history of the dominant temporal requirements for “gender recognition” in prior legislation around sex/gender markers on identity documents in the United States and United Kingdom, focusing on how this legislation places temporal boundaries around legitimate gender identity. Then, turning directly to the CGRA, the author asks to what extent the act's emphasis on self-identification revises or intervenes in these prior conceptualizations (...)
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  7. Transitional Subjects: Gender, Race, and the Biopolitics of the Real.Marie Draz - 2014 - In Namita Goswami, Maeve O'Donovan & Lisa Yount (eds.), Why Race and Gender Still Matter. Pickering & Chatto. pp. 117-132.
  8. Colonialism.Marie Draz - 2018 - In Karin Sellberg (ed.), Gender: Time. Boston, MA, USA: pp. 219-231.
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    The Queer Heroics of Butler's Antigone.Marie Draz - 2015 - In Tina Chanter & Sean D. Kirkland (eds.), Returns of Antigone. New York, NY, USA: pp. 205-219.
  10. Way Too Cool: Selling Out Race and Ethics by Shannon Winnubst. [REVIEW]Marie Draz - 2016 - Hypatia Reviews Online 1.