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    What is complexity?Christoph Adami - 2002 - Bioessays 24 (12):1085-1094.
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    Sequence complexity in Darwinian evolution.Christoph Adami - 2002 - Complexity 8 (2):49-56.
  3. Artificial Life 13.Christoph Adami, David M. Bryson, Charles Offria & Robert T. Pennock (eds.) - 2012 - MIT Press.
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    Markovian and Non-Markovian Quantum Measurements.Jennifer R. Glick & Christoph Adami - 2020 - Foundations of Physics 50 (9):1008-1055.
    Consecutive measurements performed on the same quantum system can reveal fundamental insights into quantum theory’s causal structure, and probe different aspects of the quantum measurement problem. According to the Copenhagen interpretation, measurements affect the quantum system in such a way that the quantum superposition collapses after each measurement, erasing any memory of the prior state. We show here that counter to this view, un-amplified measurements have coherent ancilla density matrices that encode the memory of the entire set of quantum measurements (...)
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    Viral evolution under the pressure of an adaptive immune system: Optimal mutation rates for viral escape.Christel Kamp, Claus O. Wilke, Christoph Adami & Stefan Bornholdt - 2002 - Complexity 8 (2):28-33.