Frederick N. Dyer [4]Fred Dyer [1]
  1.  24
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  2.  15
    The Surprising Creativity of Digital Evolution: A Collection of Anecdotes From the Evolutionary Computation and Artificial Life Research Communities.Joel Lehman, Jeff Clune, Dusan Misevic, Christoph Adami, Julie Beaulieu, Peter Bentley, Bernard J., Belson Samuel, Bryson Guillaume, M. David, Nick Cheney, Antoine Cully, Stephane Donciuex, Fred Dyer, Ellefsen C., Feldt Kai Olav, Fischer Robert, Forrest Stephan, Frénoy Stephanie, Gagneé Antoine, Goff Christian, Grabowski Leni Le, M. Laura, Babak Hodjat, Laurent Keller, Carole Knibbe, Peter Krcah, Richard Lenski, Lipson E., MacCurdy Hod, Maestre Robert, Miikkulainen Carlos, Mitri Risto, Moriarty Sara, E. David, Jean-Baptiste Mouret, Anh Nguyen, Charles Ofria, Marc Parizeau, David Parsons, Robert Pennock, Punch T., F. William, Thomas Ray, Schoenauer S., Shulte Marc, Sims Eric, Stanley Karl, O. Kenneth, Fran\C. Cois Taddei, Danesh Tarapore, Simon Thibault, Westley Weimer, Richard Watson & Jason Yosinksi - 2018 - CoRR.
    Biological evolution provides a creative fount of complex and subtle adaptations, often surprising the scientists who discover them. However, because evolution is an algorithmic process that transcends the substrate in which it occurs, evolution’s creativity is not limited to nature. Indeed, many researchers in the field of digital evolution have observed their evolving algorithms and organisms subverting their intentions, exposing unrecognized bugs in their code, producing unexpected adaptations, or exhibiting outcomes uncannily convergent with ones in nature. Such stories routinely reveal (...)
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  3.  91
    Stroop interference with successive presentations of separate incongruent words and colors.Frederick N. Dyer & Laurence J. Severance - 1973 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 98 (2):438.
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