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    Abandoning Care? A Critical Perspective on Personalisation from an Ethic of Care.Marian Barnes - 2011 - Ethics and Social Welfare 5 (2):153-167.
    The adoption of personalisation as the principle on which policy and practices for social care in England should be developed has been hailed as marking a fundamental transformation in the nature of social care and the experiences of service users. This article examines both the discourse of personalisation and the practices that are being adopted to implement this from an ethic of care perspective. It adopts an approach based on Sevenhuijsen's ‘Trace’ analysis to trace the normative frameworks in key policy (...)
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    Achieving Care and Social Justice for People With Dementia.Marian Barnes & Tula Brannelly - 2008 - Nursing Ethics 15 (3):384-395.
    This article draws on two studies that have used an ethic of care analysis to explore lay, nursing and social work care for people with dementia. It discusses the political as well as the practice application of ethic of care principles and highlights the necessity to understand both what people do and the meanings with which such practices are imbued in order to identify `good care' and the relationship between this and social justice. Examples of care for people with dementia (...)
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    Conference Report: ‘Ethics and Social Welfare in Hard Times’, London, 1–2 September 2016.Gideon Calder, Sarah Banks, Marian Barnes, Beverley Burke, Lee-Ann Fenge, Liz Lloyd, Mark Smith, Steve Smith, Nicki Ward & Derek Clifford - 2016 - Ethics and Social Welfare 10 (4):361-366.
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    Continuing to Get Out of Line: Reflections on Ageing Activism and Moral Agency.Marian Barnes - 2018 - Ethics and Social Welfare 12 (3):204-215.
    Margaret Urban Walker’s essay ‘Getting out of line’ questions gendered assumptions about moral agency in old age and its assumed links to the concept of a ‘career self.’ In this article I develop and apply her critique to consider what forms ageing activism might take. This focuses on recognising and remembering the value of connections with people and with struggles that may both pre-date and outlive the individual. I suggest that we need to think of remembering as future as well (...)
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    The Pendulum as a Vehicle for Transitioning from Classical to Quantum Physics: History, Quantum Concepts, and Educational Challenges.Marianne B. Barnes, James Garner & David Reid - 2004 - Science & Education 13 (4-5):417-436.
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    Community Care: The Ethics of Care in a Residential Community.Marian Barnes - 2020 - Ethics and Social Welfare 14 (2):140-155.
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    Deliberation and Transformation from the Ethics of Care.Marian Barnes, Elisabeth Conradi & Frans Vosman - 2015 - Ethics and Social Welfare 9 (2):109-112.
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    Gender and Global Justice.Marian Barnes - 2014 - Ethics and Social Welfare 9 (4):427-429.
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    Inform with Care: Ethics and Information in Care for People with Dementia.Marian Barnes & Flis Henwood - 2015 - Ethics and Social Welfare 9 (2):147-163.
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    Researching with Care – A Discursive Book Review.Marian Barnes, Tula Brannelly & Antoine J. Rogers - 2023 - Ethics and Social Welfare 17 (2):238-251.
    Researching with Care is a book about how to guide research practices with feminist ethics of care. It poses fundamental questions about what motivates the research that we do, how we nurture resea...
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