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    Redoing Care: Societal Transformation through Critical Practice.Elisabeth Conradi - 2015 - Ethics and Social Welfare 9 (2):113-129.
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    Care and justice arguments in the ethical reasoning of medical students.Christina Sommer, Margarete Boos, Elisabeth Conradi, Nikola Biller-Adorno & Claudia Wiesemann - 2011 - Ramon Llull Journal of Applied Ethics 2 (2):9.
    <b>Objectives:</b> To gather empirical data on how gender and educational level influence bioethical reasoning among medical students by analyzing their use of care versus justice arguments for reconciling a bioethical dilemma. <b>Setting:</b> University Departments of Medical Ethics, Social and Communication Psychology in Germany. Participants: First and fifth year medical students. Design and method: Multidisciplinary, empirical, 2-segment study of ethics in action: In intrapersonal Segment 1, the students were presented with a bioethical dilemma and then administered a 13-item questionnaire to survey (...)
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    Gender in medical ethics: Re-examining the conceptual basis of empirical research.Elisabeth Conradi, Nikola Biller-Andorno, Margarete Boos, Christina Sommer & Claudia Wiesemann - 2003 - Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy 6 (1):51-58.
    Conducting empirical research on gender in medical ethics is a challenge from a theoretical as well as a practical point of view. It still has to be clarified how gender aspects can be integrated without sustaining gender stereotypes. The developmental psychologist Carol Gilligan was among the first to question ethics from a gendered point of view. The notion of care introduced by her challenged conventional developmental psychology as well as moral philosophy. Gilligan was criticised, however, because her concept of ‘two (...)
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    Deliberation and Transformation from the Ethics of Care.Marian Barnes, Elisabeth Conradi & Frans Vosman - 2015 - Ethics and Social Welfare 9 (2):109-112.
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    Género en la ética médica: revisión de la base conceptual de la investigación empírica.Margarete Boos, Christina Sommer, Nikola Biller-Andorno, Claudia Wiesemann & Elisabeth Conradi - 2006 - In López de la Vieja & Ma Teresa (eds.), Bioética y feminismo: estudios multidisciplinares de género. Salamanca: Ediciones Universidad de Salamanca.
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