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Jenifer Booth
University of Edinburgh
  1. Pre-Modern Ethics, Authoritative Narratives, and the Tribunal.Jenifer Booth - 2014 - The Oxford Handbook of Psychiatric Ethics.
    This chapter applies the modified philosophy of Alasdair MacIntyre to mental health law, and in particular to the mental health tribunal. The natural law approach of Thomas Aquinas is used to assist in this. It is argued that, for law to be just in pre-modern terms, it requires that it be assessed as rational together with the care it supports as a single entity. As such, according to a modified version of the Thomistic Aristotelian ethics of MacIntyre, justice would require (...)
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    Towards a Pre-Modern Psychaitry.Jenifer Booth - 2013 - Palgrave-Macmillan.
    Responding to the work of previous critics of psychiatry, who have associated its undue dominance with both a modern scientific paradigm and political factors, I put forward a theoretical challenge based on MacIntyre`s work on Aquinas and Aristotle, but adding the museum and assembly as conceptual thinking tools. -/- MacIntyre`s work on practices, tradition-constituted enquiry, Marxist ideology and Kuhn are all used in putting forward a pre-modern view of knowledge. The feminist philosophy of Luce Irigaray widens the project to include (...)
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    The Contemporary Aristotelian Museum: Exploring the Museum as a Site of MacIntyre's Tradition‐Constituted Enquiry.Jenifer Booth - 2007 - Journal for Cultural Research 11 (2):141-159.
    The connection is made between the Royal Museum of Scotland and encyclopaedia, one of MacIntyre's three rival versions of moral enquiry. It is then asked how MacIntyre's other two methods, genealogy and tradition‐constituted enquiry, would function within a museum. It is proposed that the museum fulfils Haldane's criterion for tradition‐constituted enquiry in that it combines the immanence and open‐endedness of the methods of enquiry with transcendence in the objects of enquiry. The ethical judgments of the visitors constitute transcendent truth in (...)
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