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    Why lockdown of the elderly is not ageist and why levelling down equality is wrong.Julian Savulescu & James Cameron - 2020 - Journal of Medical Ethics 46 (11):717-721.
    In order to prevent the rapid spread of COVID-19, governments have placed significant restrictions on liberty, including preventing all non-essential travel. These restrictions were justified on the basis the health system may be overwhelmed by COVID-19 cases and in order to prevent deaths. Governments are now considering how they may de-escalate these restrictions. This article argues that an appropriate approach may be to lift the general lockdown but implement selective isolation of the elderly. While this discriminates against the elderly, there (...)
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    Ethics of selective restriction of liberty in a pandemic.James Cameron, Bridget Williams, Romain Ragonnet, Ben Marais, James Trauer & Julian Savulescu - 2021 - Journal of Medical Ethics 47 (8):553-562.
    Liberty-restricting measures have been implemented for centuries to limit the spread of infectious diseases. This article considers if and when it may be ethically acceptable to impose selective liberty-restricting measures in order to reduce the negative impacts of a pandemic by preventing particularly vulnerable groups of the community from contracting the disease. We argue that the commonly accepted explanation—that liberty restrictions may be justified to prevent harm to others when this is the least restrictive option—fails to adequately accommodate the complexity (...)
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    Is withdrawing treatment really more problematic than withholding treatment?James Cameron, Julian Savulescu & Dominic Wilkinson - 2021 - Journal of Medical Ethics 47 (11):722-726.
    There is a concern that as a result of COVID-19 there will be a shortage of ventilators for patients requiring respiratory support. This concern has resulted in significant debate about whether it is appropriate to withdraw ventilation from one patient in order to provide it to another patient who may benefit more. The current advice available to doctors appears to be inconsistent, with some suggesting withdrawal of treatment is more serious than withholding, while others suggest that this distinction should not (...)
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    Raqeeb, Haastrup, and Evans: Seeking Consistency through a Distributive Justice-Based Approach to Limitation of Treatment in the Context of Dispute.James Cameron, Julian Savulescu & Dominic Wilkinson - 2022 - Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 50 (1):169-180.
    When is life-sustaining treatment not in the best interests of a minimally conscious child? This is an extremely difficult question that incites seemingly intractable debate. And yet, it is the question courts in England and Wales have set out to answer in disputes about appropriate medical treatment for children.
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  5. Humanism in the Low Countries.James K. Cameron - 1990 - In Anthony Goodman & Angus MacKay (eds.), The Impact of Humanism on Western Europe. Longman. pp. 137--63.
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    James Atkinson. Martin Luther, Prophet to the Church Catholic. Pp. vi + 225. (Exeter: Paternoster Press, 1983.) £6.80. [REVIEW]James K. Cameron - 1985 - Religious Studies 21 (2):263-266.
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  7. Theological controversy: a factor in the origins of the Scottish Enlightenment.James K. Cameron - 1982 - In Campbell & Skinner (ed.), The Origins and Nature of the Scottish Enlightenment. pp. 128.