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    Awe and the Experience of the Sublime: A Complex Relationship.Margherita Arcangeli, Marco Sperduti, Amélie Jacquot, Pascale Piolino & Jérôme Dokic - 2020 - Frontiers in Psychology 11.
    Awe seems to be a complex emotion or emotional construct characterized by a mix of positive (contentment, happiness), and negative affective components (fear and a sense of being smaller, humbler or insignificant). It is striking that the elicitors of awe correspond closely to what philosophical aesthetics, and especially Burke and Kant, have called “the sublime.” As a matter of fact, awe is almost absent from the philosophical agenda, while there are very few studies on the experience of the sublime as (...)
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    Autobiographical memory, autonoetic consciousness, and self-perspective in aging.Pascale Piolino, Béatrice Desgranges, David Clarys, Bérengère Guillery-Girard, Laurence Taconnat, Michel Isingrini & Francis Eustache - 2006 - Psychology and Aging 21 (3):510-525.
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    Episodic autobiographical memory in depression: Specificity, autonoetic consciousness, and self-perspective.C. Lemogne, P. Piolino, S. FriSzer, A. ClAret, N. Girault, R. Jouvent, J. Allilaire & P. Fossati - 2006 - Consciousness and Cognition 15 (2):258-268.
    Autobiographical memory and the self are closely linked. AM retrieval in depression is characterized by a lack of specificity, suggesting an impairment of episodic AM. Autonoetic consciousness and self-perspective, which are critical to episodic AM, have never been addressed in depression. Twenty-one depressed inpatients and 21 matched controls were given an episodic AM task designed to assess positive and negative memories regarding specificity, autonoetic consciousness , and self-perspective . For specificity, “remember”, and “field” responses, ANOVAs revealed a main group effect (...)
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    “Being there” and remembering it: Presence improves memory encoding.Dominique Makowski, Marco Sperduti, Serge Nicolas & Pascale Piolino - 2017 - Consciousness and Cognition 53:194-202.
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    Autobiographical memory and autonoetic consciousness: Triple dissociation in neurodegenerative diseases.Pascale Piolino, Béatrice Desgranges, Serge Belliard, Vanessa Matuszewski, Catherine Lalevée, Vincent de La Sayette & Francis Eustache - 2003 - Brain 126 (10):2203-2219.
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    Mechanisms of remembering the past and imagining the future – New data from autobiographical memory tasks in a lifespan approach.M. Abram, L. Picard, B. Navarro & P. Piolino - 2014 - Consciousness and Cognition 29:76-89.
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    A neurocognitive model of meditation based on activation likelihood estimation (ALE) meta-analysis.Marco Sperduti, Pénélope Martinelli & Pascale Piolino - 2012 - Consciousness and Cognition 21 (1):269-276.
    Meditation comprises a series of practices mainly developed in eastern cultures aiming at controlling emotions and enhancing attentional processes. Several authors proposed to divide meditation techniques in focused attention and open monitoring techniques. Previous studies have reported differences in brain networks underlying FA and OM. On the other hand common activations across different meditative practices have been reported. Despite differences between forms of meditation and their underlying cognitive processes, we propose that all meditative techniques could share a central process that (...)
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    Episodic Memory Assessment and Remediation in Normal and Pathological Aging Using Virtual Reality: A Mini Review.Valentina La Corte, Marco Sperduti, Kouloud Abichou & Pascale Piolino - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 10.
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    Dispositional mindfulness attenuates the emotional attentional blink.Dominique Makowski, Marco Sperduti, Samantha Lavallée, Serge Nicolas & Pascale Piolino - 2019 - Consciousness and Cognition 67:16-25.
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    Do school-age children remember or know the personal past?P. Piolino, M. Hisland, I. Ruffeveille, V. Matuszewski, I. Jambaqué & F. Eustache - 2007 - Consciousness and Cognition 16 (1):84-101.
    The aim of this study was to examine developmental differences in autobiographical memory using a novel test that assesses its semantic and episodic subcomponents. Forty-two children aged 7–13 years were asked to recall semantic information and episodic events from three different time periods. For the recalls of all events, sense of remembering or sense of just knowing was measured via the Remember/Know paradigm. Age-related differences were observed for episodic autobiographical memory whereas semantic autobiographical memory was characterized by a relative developmental (...)
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    Age effects on different components of theory of mind.Céline Duval, Pascale Piolino, Alexandre Bejanin, Francis Eustache & Béatrice Desgranges - 2011 - Consciousness and Cognition 20 (3):627-642.
    The effects of aging on the cognitive and affective dimensions of theory of mind , and on the latter’s links with other cognitive processes, such as information processing speed, executive functions and episodic memory, are still unclear. We therefore investigated these effects in young , middle-aged and older adults , using separate subjective and objective assessment tasks. Furthermore, a novel composite task probed participants’ abilities to infer both cognitive and affective mental states in an interpersonal context. Although age affected the (...)
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    Conscious recollection in autobiographical memory: An investigation in schizophrenia.Jean-Marie Danion, Christine Cuervo, Pascale Piolino, Caroline Huron, Marielle Riutort, Charles Siegfried Peretti & Francis Eustache - 2005 - Consciousness and Cognition 14 (3):535-547.
    Whether or not conscious recollection in autobiographical memory is affected in schizophrenia is unknown. The aim of this study was to address this issue using an experiential approach. An autobiographical memory enquiry was used in combination with the Remember/Know procedure. Twenty-two patients with schizophrenia and 22 normal subjects were asked to recall specific autobiographical memories from four lifetime periods and to indicate the subjective states of awareness associated with the recall of what happened, when and where. They gave Remember, Know (...)
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    Development of autonoetic autobiographical memory in school-age children: Genuine age effect or development of basic cognitive abilities?Laurence Picard, Isméry Reffuveille, Francis Eustache & Pascale Piolino - 2009 - Consciousness and Cognition 18 (4):864-876.
    This study investigated the mechanisms behind episodic autobiographical memory development in school-age children. Thirty children performed a novel EAM test. We computed one index of episodicity via autonoetic consciousness and two indices of retrieval spontaneity for a recent period and a more remote one . Executive functions, and episodic and personal semantic memory were assessed. Results showed that recent autobiographical memories were mainly episodic, unlike remote ones. An age-related increase in the indices of episodicity and specific spontaneity for recent AMs (...)
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    The Integration of Realistic Episodic Memories Relies on Different Working Memory Processes: Evidence from Virtual Navigation.Gaën Plancher, Valérie Gyselinck & Pascale Piolino - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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    Growing Up with Asperger’s Syndrome: Developmental Trajectory of Autobiographical Memory.Laetitia Bon, Jean-Marc Baleyte, Pascale Piolino, Béatrice Desgranges, Francis Eustache & Bérengère Guillery-Girard - 2012 - Frontiers in Psychology 3.
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    An Impairment of Prospective Memory in Mild Alzheimer’s Disease: A Ride in a Virtual Town.Grégory Lecouvey, Alexandrine Morand, Julie Gonneaud, Pascale Piolino, Eric Orriols, Alice Pélerin, Laurence Ferreira Da Silva, Vincent de La Sayette, Francis Eustache & Béatrice Desgranges - 2019 - Frontiers in Psychology 10.
  17. Autobiographical memory and autonoetic consciousness in a case of semantic dementia.Pascale Piolino, Serge Belliard, Béatrice Desgranges, Mélisa Perron & Francis Eustache - 2003 - Cognitive Neuropsychology 20 (7):619-639.
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    Is binding decline the main source of the ageing effect on prospective memory? A ride in a virtual town.Grégory Lecouvey, Julie Gonneaud, Pascale Piolino, Sophie Madeleine, Eric Orriols, Philippe Fleury, Francis Eustache & Béatrice Desgranges - 2017 - Socioaffective Neuroscience and Psychology 7 (1).
    ABSTRACTObjective: This study was designed to improve our understanding of prospective memory changes in ageing, and to identify the cognitive correlates of PM decline, using a virtual environment, to provide a more realistic assessment than traditional laboratory tasks.Design: Thirty-five young and 29 older individuals exposed to a virtual town were asked to recall three event-based intentions with a strong link between prospective and retrospective components, three event-based intentions with a weak link, and three time-based intentions. They also underwent retrospective episodic (...)
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    Sex Differences in the Neural Correlates of Specific and General Autobiographical Memory.Laurie Compère, Marco Sperduti, Thierry Gallarda, Adèle Anssens, Stéphanie Lion, Marion Delhommeau, Pénélope Martinelli, Anne-Dominique Devauchelle, Catherine Oppenheim & Pascale Piolino - 2016 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 10.
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    Emotional specificities of autobiographical memory after breast cancer diagnosis.Nastassja Morel, Jacques Dayan, Pascale Piolino, Armelle Viard, Djellila Allouache, Sabine Noal, Christelle Levy, Florence Joly, Francis Eustache & Bénédicte Giffard - 2015 - Consciousness and Cognition 35:42-52.
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    The production of false recognition and the associated state of consciousness following encoding in a naturalistic context in aging.Kouloud Abichou, Valentina La Corte, Marco Sperduti, Alexandre Gaston-Bellegarde, Serge Nicolas & Pascale Piolino - 2021 - Consciousness and Cognition 90 (C):103097.
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    Gender identity better than sex explains individual differences in episodic and semantic components of autobiographical memory and future thinking.Laurie Compère, Eirini Rari, Thierry Gallarda, Adèle Assens, Marion Nys, Sandrine Coussinoux, Sébastien Machefaux & Pascale Piolino - 2018 - Consciousness and Cognition 57:1-19.
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    Self-reference recollection effect and its relation to theory of mind: An investigation in healthy controls and schizophrenia.Laurie Compère, Célia Mam-Lam-Fook, Isabelle Amado, Marion Nys, Jennifer Lalanne, Marie-Laure Grillon, Narjes Bendjemaa, Marie-Odile Krebs & Pascale Piolino - 2016 - Consciousness and Cognition 42:51-64.
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    Conscious recollection in autobiographical memory: An investigation in schizophrenia.Jean-Marie Danion, Christine Cuervo, Pascale Piolino, Caroline Huron, Marielle Riutort, Charles Siegfried Peretti & Francis Eustache - 2005 - Consciousness and Cognition 14 (3):535-547.
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    Using More Ecological Paradigms to Investigate Working Memory: Strengths, Limitations and Recommendations.Lison Fanuel, Gaën Plancher & Pascale Piolino - 2020 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 14.
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    The impact of state and dispositional mindfulness on prospective memory: A virtual reality study.Jean-Charles Girardeau, Philippe Blondé, Dominique Makowski, Maria Abram, Pascale Piolino & Marco Sperduti - 2020 - Consciousness and Cognition 81:102920.
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    Influence of suggestion in the DRM paradigm: What state of consciousness is associated with false memory?Gaën Plancher, Serge Nicolas & Pascale Piolino - 2008 - Consciousness and Cognition 17 (4):1114-1122.
    We assessed the effect of suggestion on the Deese–Roediger–McDermott paradigm and associated it with the Remember–Know–Guess paradigm. Undergraduate students were given either lists of semantically related words or texts containing these words. After the recall task, if participants did not produce the critical lure, the experimenter suggested that the word had been present, using either a question or an assertion ; these conditions were compared to a condition without suggestion. Afterwards, participants took a recognition test. The results showed that strong (...)
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    The emotional memory effect in Alzheimer's disease: Emotional words enhance recollective experience similarly in patients and control participants.Sandrine Kalenzaga, Pascale Piolino & David Clarys - 2015 - Cognition and Emotion 29 (2):342-350.
  29. Paolo Bartolomeo, Caroline Decaix, Eric Siéroff. The phenomenology of endogenous orienting.P. Piolino, M. Hisland, I. Ruffeveille, V. Matuszewski, I. Jambaqué, F. Eustache, Guy Pinku, Joseph Tzelgov, Dermot M. Bowler & John M. Gardiner - 2006 - Consciousness and Cognition 15:765-766.
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  30. Paolo Bartolomeo, Caroline Decaix, Eric Siéroff. The phenomenology of endogenous orienting.Fred H. Previc, P. Piolino, M. Hisland, I. Ruffeveille, V. Matuszewski, I. Jambaqué, F. Eustache, Guy Pinku, Joseph Tzelgov & Monica Meijsing - 2006 - Consciousness and Cognition 15:484.
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    Preservation of Person-Specific Semantic Knowledge in Semantic Dementia: Does Direct Personal Experience Have a Specific Role?Julie A. Péron, Pascale Piolino, Sandrine Le Moal-Boursiquot, Isabelle Biseul, Emmanuelle Leray, Laetitia Bon, Béatrice Desgranges, Francis Eustache & Serge Belliard - 2015 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9.
  32. Autonoetic consciousness in alzheimer's disease: Neuropsychological and PET findings using an episodic learning and recognition task.Géraldine Rauchs, Pascale Piolino, Florence Mézenge, Brigitte Landeau, Catherine Lalevée, Alice Pélerin, Fausto Viader, Vincent de la Sayette, Francis Eustache & Béatrice Desgranges - 2007 - Neurobiology of Aging 28 (9):1410-1420.