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    Meeting the Needs of Underserved Populations: Setting the Agenda for More Inclusive Citizen Science of Medicine.Amelia Fiske, Barbara Prainsack & Alena Buyx - 2019 - Journal of Medical Ethics 45 (9):617-622.
    In its expansion to genomic, epidemiological and biomedical research, citizen science has been promoted as contributing to the democratisation of medical research and healthcare. At the same time, it has been criticised for reinforcing patterns of exclusion in health and biomedicine, and sometimes even creating new ones. Although citizen science has the potential to make biomedical research more inclusive, the benefits of current citizen science initiatives are not equally accessible for all people—in particular those who are resource-poor, located outside of (...)
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    Embedded Ethics Could Help Implement the Pipeline Model Framework for Machine Learning Healthcare Applications.Amelia Fiske, Daniel Tigard, Ruth Müller, Sami Haddadin, Alena Buyx & Stuart McLennan - 2020 - American Journal of Bioethics 20 (11):32-35.
    The field of artificial intelligence ethics has exploded in recent years, with countless academics, organizations, and influencers rushing to consider how AI technology can be developed and im...
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    AI Ethics Is Not a Panacea.Stuart McLennan, Meredith M. Lee, Amelia Fiske & Leo Anthony Celi - 2020 - American Journal of Bioethics 20 (11):20-22.
    From machine learning and computer vision to robotics and natural language processing, the application of data science and artificial intelligence is expected to transform health care (Ce...
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    Embedded Ethics: A Proposal for Integrating Ethics Into the Development of Medical AI.Alena Buyx, Sami Haddadin, Ruth Müller, Daniel Tigard, Amelia Fiske & Stuart McLennan - 2022 - BMC Medical Ethics 23 (1):1-10.
    The emergence of ethical concerns surrounding artificial intelligence has led to an explosion of high-level ethical principles being published by a wide range of public and private organizations. However, there is a need to consider how AI developers can be practically assisted to anticipate, identify and address ethical issues regarding AI technologies. This is particularly important in the development of AI intended for healthcare settings, where applications will often interact directly with patients in various states of vulnerability. In this paper, (...)
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