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  1. Moral Issues of Human-Non-Human Primate Neural Grafting.Mark Greene, Kathryn Schill, Shoji Takahashi, Alison Bateman-House, Tom Beauchamp, Hilary Bok, Dorothy Cheney, Joseph Coyle, Terrence Deacon, Daniel Dennett, Peter Donovan, Owen Flanagan, Steven Goldman, Henry Greely, Lee Martin & Earl Miller - 2005 - Science 309 (5733):385-386.
    The scientific, ethical, and policy issues raised by research involving the engraftment of human neural stem cells into the brains of nonhuman primates are explored by an interdisciplinary working group in this Policy Forum. The authors consider the possibility that this research might alter the cognitive capacities of recipient great apes and monkeys, with potential significance for their moral status.
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    Genome Editing Technologies and Human Germline Genetic Modification: The Hinxton Group Consensus Statement.Sarah Chan, Peter J. Donovan, Thomas Douglas, Chris Gyngell, John Harris, Robin Lovell-Badge, Debra J. H. Mathews & Alan Regenberg - 2015 - American Journal of Bioethics 15 (12):42-47.
    The prospect of using genome technologies to modify the human germline has raised profound moral disagreement but also emphasizes the need for wide-ranging discussion and a well-informed policy response. The Hinxton Group brought together scientists, ethicists, policymakers, and journal editors for an international, interdisciplinary meeting on this subject. This consensus statement formulated by the group calls for support of genome editing research and the development of a scientific roadmap for safety and efficacy; recognizes the ethical challenges involved in clinical reproductive (...)
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    Do Different Religions Share Moral Common Ground?Peter Donovan - 1986 - Religious Studies 22 (3-4):367 - 375.
    Do followers of different religions share common ground at the level of their morality, despite their disagreements over doctrine and metaphysical beliefs? A typical statement of this view was made recently by the Dalai Lama.
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  4. Can We Know God by Experience?Peter Donovan - 2000 - In Brian Davies (ed.), Philosophy of Religion: A Guide and Anthology. Oxford University Press.
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    Theology as Rhetoric.Peter Donovan - 1996 - The Personalist Forum 12 (1):11-17.
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    Theological Realism and the God's-Eye View.Peter Donovan - 1994 - Sophia 33 (2):1-9.
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    Thomas Dean . Religious Pluralism and Truth: Essays on Cross-Cultural Philosophy of Religion . Pp. 282. $19.95 Hb. [REVIEW]Peter Donovan - 1995 - Religious Studies 31 (4):544.