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    Speech Genres and Other Late Essays.Brian W. Shaffer, M. M. Bakhtin, Vern W. McGee, Caryl Emerson & Michael Holquist - 1988 - Substance 17 (3):58.
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    Toward a Philosophy of the Act.M. M. Bakhtin - 1993 - University of Texas Press.
    Rescued in 1972 from a storeroom in which rats and seeping water had severely damaged the fifty-year-old manuscript, this text is the earliest major work (1919-1921) of the great Russian philosopher M. M. Bakhtin. Toward a Philosophy of the Act contains the first occurrences of themes that occupied Bakhtin throughout his long career. The topics of authoring, responsibility, self and other, the moral significance of "outsideness," participatory thinking, the implications for the individual subject of having "no-alibi in existence," the difference (...)
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    Art and Answerability: Early Philosophical Essays.M. M. Bakhtin - 1990 - University of Texas Press.
    The essays assembled here are all very early and differ in a number of ways from Bakhtin's previously published work.
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  4. Toward a Philosophy of the Act.M. M. Bakhtin - 1993 - University of Texas Press.
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    The Bakhtin Reader: Selected Writings of Bakhtin, Medvedev, and Voloshinov.M. M. Bakhtin - 1994 - E. Arnold.
    Incessantly cited by critics, Bakhtin's work none the less remains relatively unavailable: partly through lack of suitable editions, partly because no individual text conveys all the key concepts or arguments. This anthology provides in a convenient format a good selection of the writing by Bakhtin and of that attributed to Voloshinov and Medvedev. It introduces readers to the aspects most relevant to literary and cultural studies and gives a focused sense of Bakhtin's central ideas and the underlying cohesiveness of his (...)
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  6. Berthoff, Ann E., 197, 275.Don Paul Abbott, Jennifer Ahern, Louis Althusser, Anderson Margaret, Jean Anyon, Arthur Applebee, Roger Ascham, Mark H. Ashcraft, M. M. Bakhtin & Jennifer Mae Barizo - 2003 - Intertexts: Reading Pedagogy in College Writing Classrooms 76 (83):231.
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