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Andrew R. A. Conway [6]Andrew Conway [1]
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    Working memory, short-term memory, and general fluid intelligence: a latent-variable approach.Randall W. Engle, Stephen W. Tuholski, James E. Laughlin & Andrew R. A. Conway - 1999 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 128 (3):309.
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    A controlled-attention view of working-memory capacity.Michael J. Kane, M. Kathryn Bleckley, Andrew R. A. Conway & Randall W. Engle - 2001 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 130 (2):169.
  3. Working memory capacity and its relation to general intelligence.Andrew R. A. Conway, Michael J. Kane & Randall W. Engle - 2003 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 7 (12):547-552.
  4. Intelligence, race, and psychological testing.Mark Alfano, Latasha Holden & Andrew Conway - 2016 - In Naomi Zack (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Race.
    This chapter has two main goals: to update philosophers on the state of the art in the scientific psychology of intelligence, and to explain and evaluate challenges to the measurement invariance of intelligence tests. First, we provide a brief history of the scientific psychology of intelligence. Next, we discuss the metaphysics of intelligence in light of scientific studies in psychology and neuroimaging. Finally, we turn to recent skeptical developments related to measurement invariance. These have largely focused on attributability: Where do (...)
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    Working memory, executive function, and general fluid intelligence are not the same.Richard P. Heitz, Thomas S. Redick, David Z. Hambrick, Michael J. Kane, Andrew R. A. Conway & Randall W. Engle - 2006 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 29 (2):135-136.
    Blair equates the constructs of working memory (WM), executive function, and general fluid intelligence (gF). We argue that there is good reason not to equate these constructs. We view WM and gF as separable but highly related, and suggest that the mechanism behind the relationship is controlled attention – an ability that is dependent on normal functioning of the prefrontal cortex. (Published Online April 5 2006).
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    What do working-memory tests really measure?Michael J. Kane, Andrew R. A. Conway & Randall W. Engle - 1999 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 22 (1):101-102.
    Individuals may differ in the general-attention executive component or in the subordinate domain-specific “slave” components of working memory. Tasks requiring sustained memory representations across attention shifts are reliable, valid indices of executive abilities. Measures emphasizing specific processing skills may increase reliability within restricted samples but will not reflect the attention component responsible for the broad predictive validity of span tasks.
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    The evolution of fluid intelligence meets formative g.Kristof Kovacs & Andrew R. A. Conway - 2017 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 40.