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Amitash Ojha
International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (Alumnus)
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    Creative Argumentation: When and Why People Commit the Metaphoric Fallacy.Francesca Ervas, Antonio Ledda, Amitash Ojha, Giuseppe Antonio Pierro & Bipin Indurkhya - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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    An experimental study on the effect of emotion lines in comics.Bipin Indurkhya, Charles Forceville & Amitash Ojha - 2021 - Semiotica 2021 (243):305-324.
    Both mainstream and art comics often use various flourishes surrounding characters’ heads. These so-called “pictorial runes” help convey the emotional states of the characters. In this paper, using panels from Western and Indian comic albums as well as neutral emoticons and basic shapes in different colors, we focus on the following two issues: whether runes increase the awareness in comics readers about the emotional state of the character; and whether a correspondence can be found between the types of runes and (...)
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    An Empirical Study on the Role of Perceptual Similarity in Visual Metaphors and Creativity.Bipin Indurkhya & Amitash Ojha - 2013 - Metaphor and Symbol 28 (4):233 - 253.
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    Imago Dei: Metaphorical conceptualization of pictorial artworks within a participant-based framework.Amitash Ojha, Marianna Bolognesi & Fabio I. M. Poppi - 2020 - Semiotica 2020 (236-237):349-376.
    This article presents an exploratory analysis of the metaphoric structure of five artistic paintings within “Think aloud” protocols, in which a group of 14 English speakers with a low self-rated level of expertise in art and history of art expertise were asked to verbalize all their thoughts, ideas and impressions of the artworks. The main findings of this study can be summarized as follows: (1) multiple interpretations for the same artwork are possible, (2) the interpretations of the metaphorical structures described (...)
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    Are Hybrid Pictorial Metaphors Perceived More Strongly Than Pictorial Similes?Amitash Ojha, Elisabetta Gola & Bipin Indurkhya - 2018 - Metaphor and Symbol 33 (4):253-266.
    The present study examines the relationship between pictorial similes and hybrid pictorial metaphors. The results suggest that hybrid pictorial metaphors are perceived more strongly than pictorial similes when they are presented on their own and in corrective convention but not when they are verbalized. We argue that hybrid pictorial metaphors have transformational effects as the fusion of two concepts allow the reader to see one thing in terms of another. Juxtaposition in a pictorial simile merely suggests a search for similarity, (...)
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