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  1. Time in Familial Reverence-Deference (孝): A Comment on Roger T. Ames's Confucian Role Ethics.Zhang Xianglong - 2012 - Frontiers of Philosophy in China 7 (4):635-639.
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    Technology, Dao-Technē and Home: The Significances and Limits of Heidegger’s Critique of Modern Technology’s Essence.Zhang Xianglong - 2017 - Yearbook for Eastern and Western Philosophy 2017 (2):372-392.
    Heidegger maintains that the root of modern technology, like that of all other technologies, lies in technē. However, because the art dimension of technē is suppressed in modern technology, the essence of this technology becomes a Gestell that enforces product-making, and thus drives technology beyond the control of human beings. The more fundamental reason underlying this “frame-becoming” nature is “the mathematical” that emerges in ancient Greece, which, through the Cartesian subject-object dichotomy, turns the world into the images represented by the (...)
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    Pluralizing the Methodology of Chinese Philosophical Studies.Zhang Xianglong - 2006 - Contemporary Chinese Thought 37 (2):22-37.
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    The Dangers of Reconstructing Ru Religion, Its Necessity, and an Intermediate Line.Zhang Xianglong - 2013 - Contemporary Chinese Thought 45 (1):62-79.
  5. Heidegger's View of Language and the Lao-Zhuang View of Dao-Language,”.Zhang Xianglong - 2004 - In Robin Wang (ed.), Chinese Philosophy in an Era of Globalization. State University of New York Press.
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    The Time of Heaven in Chinese Ancient Philosophy.Zhang Xianglong - 1999 - Contemporary Chinese Thought 30 (4):44-61.
    Since the Middle Ages, Westerners have held two main views on time: eschatological and physical . The former came from Christianity, and understood time through the relations between human beings and God. Time or history goes towards the anticipated end . The latter view connects with the means of measuring time, which have become more and more precise. According to this view, time essentially has nothing to do with human existence. It is an objective, even an irreversible passing, having no (...)
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    Zhou Dunyi's Explanations of Tai Ji Diagram, the Image-Numbers of the Changes, and the Related Doctrines in the West.Zhang Xianglong - 2005 - Modern Philosophy 1:013.