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  1. Aristotle's Rhetoric in the East: The Syriac and Arabic Translation and Commentary Tradition.Uwe Vagelpohl - 2008 - Brill.
    Analyzing the Arabic translation of Aristotle's Rhetoric and situating it in its historical and intellectual context, this book offers a fresh interpretation of the early Greek-Arabic translation movement and its impact in Islamic culture and beyond.
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  2. The Prior Analytics in the Syriac and Arabic Tradition.Uwe Vagelpohl - 2010 - Vivarium 48 (1-2):134-158.
    The reception history of Aristotle's Prior Analytics in the Islamic world began even before its ninth-century translation into Arabic. Three generations earlier, Arabic authors already absorbed echoes of the varied and extensive logical teaching tradition of Greek- and Syriac-speaking religious communities in the new Islamic state. Once translated into Arabic, the Prior Analytics inspired a rich tradition of logical studies, culminating in the creation of an independent Islamic logical tradition by Ibn Sina (d. 1037), Ibn Rušd (d. 1098) and others. (...)
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    In the Translator's Workshop.Uwe Vagelpohl - 2011 - Arabic Sciences and Philosophy 21 (2):249-288.
    unayn discussing the quality of his source text, his own interpretation and also his attempts to reconstruct problematic or damaged passages. Based on an edition of these notes, their analysis and comparison to similar texts and Galen's own thought on editing and interpreting difficult medical texts, this article aims to situate Ḥunayn's methods in the context of the Greek-Arabic translation movement. It argues that his approach differs in important respects from that of preceding Greek-Arabic and Greek-Syriac translators and that he (...)
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    Galen, On Problematical Movements., Ed. And Trans., Vivian Nutton and Gerrit Bos. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011. Pp. X, 404; 1 Black-and-White Figure. $146. ISBN: 978-052-111-5490. [REVIEW]Uwe Vagelpohl - 2014 - Speculum 89 (2):477-479.
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