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Richard Wolff [8]Richard D. Wolff [8]
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    Class Theory and History: Capitalism and Communism in the USSR.Richard Wolff & Stephen Resnick - 2006 - Historical Materialism 14 (1):249-282.
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    New departures in Marxian theory.Stephen A. Resnick & Richard D. Wolff (eds.) - 1982 - New York: Routledge.
    Over the last twenty-five years, Stephen Resnick and Richard Wolff have developed a groundbreaking interpretation of Marxian theory generally and of Marxian economics in particular. This book brings together their key contributions and underscores their different interpretations. In facing and trying to resolve contradictions and lapses within Marxism, the authors have confronted the basic incompatibilities among the dominant modern versions of Marxian theory, and the fact that Marxism seemed cut off from the criticisms of determinist modes of thought offered by (...)
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    Exploitation, Consumption, and the Uniqueness of US Capitalism.Richard Wolff & Stephen Resnick - 2003 - Historical Materialism 11 (4):209-226.
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    Division and Difference in the "Discipline" of Economics.Jack Amariglio, Stephen Resnick & Richard Wolff - 1990 - Critical Inquiry 17 (1):108-137.
    The existence and unity of a discipline called economics reside in the eye and mind of the beholder. The perception of economics's unity and disciplinarity itself arises in some, but not all, of the different schools of thought that we would loosely categorize as economic. Indeed, as we hope to show, the presumption of unity and disciplinarity—the idea that there is a center or “core” of propositions, procedures, and conclusions or a shared historical “object” of theory and practice—is suggested in (...)
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    Un marxisme made in USA : Marx au-delà d'Althusser?Jacques Bidet, Stephen A. Resnick & Richard D. Wolff - 2007 - Actuel Marx 41 (1):168-179.
  6. Althusser's Liberation of Marxian Theory.Stephen Resnick & Richard Wolff - 1993 - In E. Ann Kaplan & Michael Sprinker (eds.), The Althusserian legacy. New York: Verso. pp. 59--72.
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    Class Theory and History: Capitalism and Communism in the USSR.Stephen Resnick & Richard Wolff - 2006 - Historical Materialism 14 (1):249-282.
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    Persistance du marxisme traditionnel et pertinence du marxisme surdéterministe.Stephen Resnick & Richard Wolff - 2011 - Actuel Marx 50 (2):136-152.
    This article assesses the relevance today of two different kinds of Marxism : traditional, “classical” or determinist Marxism and non-traditional or overdeterminist Marxism. These two Marxisms are compared and contrasted to show how and why they yield different notions of socialism and communism, class, the place of economics in Marxism, causation, and epistemology. The authors explain why the overdeterminist version is preferred to the determinist and what this choice suggests about a new Marxian politics for the 21st century. The latter (...)
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    The U.S. Economic Crisis.Richard D. Wolff - 2001 - Theoria 48 (97):82-98.
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