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    Thomas Aquinas and the Euthyphro Dilemma.Peter Karl Koritansky - 2018 - Heythrop Journal 62 (6):1013-1024.
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    Is Usury Still a Sin? Thomas Aquinas on the Justice and Injustice of Moneylending.Peter Karl Koritansky - unknown - Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association:261-269.
    This paper examines Thomas Aquinas’s condemnation of usury. In the first section, the details of Thomas’s teaching are examined with special attention to the so-called “extrinsic titles” discussed in the Middle Ages as qualifications of the moral and legal strictures concerning moneylending. The reminder of the paper examines the particular extrinsic title of Lucrum Cessans, which Thomas rejects, and attempts to square that rejection with other texts implying that compensation for lost profit is a requirement of justice when taken outside (...)
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    The Philosophy of Punishment and the History of Political Thought.Peter Karl Koritansky (ed.) - 2011 - University of Missouri.
    These are some of the many questions contemplated in these essays, which explore the contributions of nine major thinkers and traditions regarding the question of punitive justice.
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    A Thomistic Analysis of the Hart-Fuller Debate in Advance.Peter Karl Koritansky - forthcoming - Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association.