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    Framework for the Analysis of Nanotechnologies’ Impacts and Ethical Acceptability: Basis of an Interdisciplinary Approach to Assessing Novel Technologies.Johane Patenaude, Georges-Auguste Legault, Jacques Beauvais, Louise Bernier, Jean-Pierre Béland, Patrick Boissy, Vanessa Chenel, Charles-Étienne Daniel, Jonathan Genest, Marie-Sol Poirier & Danielle Tapin - 2015 - Science and Engineering Ethics 21 (2):293-315.
    The genetically manipulated organism crisis demonstrated that technological development based solely on the law of the marketplace and State protection against serious risks to health and safety is no longer a warrant of ethical acceptability. In the first part of our paper, we critique the implicitly individualist social-acceptance model for State regulation of technology and recommend an interdisciplinary approach for comprehensive analysis of the impacts and ethical acceptability of technologies. In the second part, we present a framework for the analysis (...)
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    The Social and Ethical Acceptability of NBICs for Purposes of Human Enhancement: Why Does the Debate Remain Mired in Impasse? [REVIEW]Jean-Pierre Béland, Johane Patenaude, Georges A. Legault, Patrick Boissy & Monelle Parent - 2011 - NanoEthics 5 (3):295-307.
    The emergence and development of convergent technologies for the purpose of improving human performance, including nanotechnology, biotechnology, information sciences, and cognitive science (NBICs), open up new horizons in the debates and moral arguments that must be engaged by philosophers who hope to take seriously the question of the ethical and social acceptability of these technologies. This article advances an analysis of the factors that contribute to confusion and discord on the topic, in order to help in understanding why arguments that (...)
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    Moral Arguments in the Debate Over Nanotechnologies: Are We Talking Past Each Other? [REVIEW]Johane Patenaude, Georges Legault, Jean-Pierre Béland, Monelle Parent & Patrick Boissy - 2011 - NanoEthics 5 (3):285-293.
    How are we to understand the fact that the philosophical debate over nanotechnologies has been reduced to a clash of seemingly preprogrammed arguments and counterarguments that paralyzes all rational discussion of the ultimate ethical question of social acceptability in matters of nanotechnological development? With this issue as its starting point, the study reported on here, intended to further comprehension of the issues rather than provide a cause-and-effect explanation, seeks to achieve a rational grasp of what is being said through the (...)
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    Analyses of Acceptability Judgments Made Toward the Use of Nanocarrier-Based Targeted Drug Delivery: Interviews with Researchers and Research Trainees in the Field of New Technologies.Vanessa Chenel, Patrick Boissy, Jean-Pierre Cloarec & Johane Patenaude - 2015 - NanoEthics 9 (3):199-215.
    The assessment of nanotechnology applications such as nanocarrier-based targeted drug delivery has historically been based mostly on toxicological and safety aspects. The use of nanocarriers for TDD, a leading-edge nanomedical application, has received little study from the angle of experts’ perceptions and acceptability, which may be reflected in how TDD applications are developed. In recent years, numerous authors have maintained that TDD assessment should also take into account impacts on ethical, environmental, economic, legal, and social issues in order to lead (...)
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