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    Stacking functions: identifying motivational frames guiding urban agriculture organizations and businesses in the United States and Canada.Nathan McClintock & Michael Simpson - 2018 - Agriculture and Human Values 35 (1):19-39.
    While a growing body of scholarship identifies urban agriculture’s broad suite of benefits and drivers, it remains unclear how motivations to engage in urban agriculture (UA) interrelate or how they differ across cities and types of organizations. In this paper, we draw on survey responses collected from more than 250 UA organizations and businesses from 84 cities across the United States and Canada. Synthesizing the results of our quantitative analysis of responses (including principal components analysis), qualitative analysis of textual data (...)
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    Larc: A State Reduction Theory of Quantum Measurement. [REVIEW]Michael Simpson - 2011 - Foundations of Physics 41 (10):1648-1663.
    This proposes a new theory of Quantum measurement; a state reduction theory in which reduction is to the elements of the number operator basis of a system, triggered by the occurrence of annihilation or creation (or lowering or raising) operators in the time evolution of a system. It is from these operator types that the acronym ‘LARC’ is derived. Reduction does not occur immediately after the trigger event; it occurs at some later time with probability P t per unit time, (...)
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    Jurassic park general and the minister's magic elixir.Michael Simpson - 1995 - Health Care Analysis 3 (2):121-123.
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    The ‘Death of God’ Theology: Some Philosophical Reflections.Michael Simpson - 1969 - Heythrop Journal 10 (4):371-389.
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    Paul Tillich: Symbolism and objectivity.Michael Simpson - 1967 - Heythrop Journal 8 (3):293-309.
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    Book review of the renaissance of american indian higher education: Capturing the dream. [REVIEW]Michael W. Simpson - 2005 - Educational Studies 37 (2):166-171.
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    Perspectives on Gandhi’s Significance Today.Michael Simpson - 2016 - Journal of World Philosophies 1 (1):167-168.
    Gandhi’s example has inspired countless political struggles worldwide over the past century. We might then ask how his thought has been transferred and translated when taken out of the particular historical and geographic context in which he lived. How have Gandhi’s ideas been changed or altered when adopted in different contexts? Which aspects of Gandhi’s thinking remain most relevant to struggles for social and environmental justice today? These are just a few of the questions that were discussed at the “Perspectives (...)
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