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Marco Altamirano
Purdue University (PhD)
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    Time, Technology and Environment.Marco Altamirano - 2016 - Edinburgh, UK: Edinburgh University Press.
  2. Three Concepts for Crossing the Nature-Artifice Divide: Technology, Milieu, and Machine.Marco Altamirano - 2014 - Foucault Studies 17:11-35.
    The distinction between nature and artifice has been definitive for Western conceptions of the role of humans within their natural environment. But the human must already be separated from nature in order to distinguish between nature and artifice. This separation, in turn, facilitates a classification of knowledge in general, typically cast in terms of a hierarchy of sciences that ascends from the natural sciences to the social (or human) sciences. However, this hierarchy considers nature as a substantial foundation upon which (...)
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    Russell Daylight, What If Derrida Was Wrong About Saussure?Marco Altamirano - 2012 - Journal of French and Francophone Philosophy 20 (1):147-152.
    Review of Russell Daylight, What If Derrida Was Wrong About Saussure?
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    Deleuze's Reversal of Platonism, Revisited.Marco Altamirano - 2015 - Deleuze and Guatarri Studies 9 (4):503-528.
    A standard approach to examining Deleuze's concept of difference in Difference and Repetition is to follow his critique of representation through an overturning of Platonism, which Deleuze finds to be the definitive task of philosophy after Nietzsche. While engaging this largely critical project, however, there is a tendency to overlook the dimensions of Platonism that Deleuze rehabilitates in a differential and immanent register. This paper aims to recover the essential dimensions of Platonism at the very heart of Deleuze's philosophy of (...)
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    Review of Jack Reynolds' "Chronopathologies: Time and Politics in Deleuze, Derrida, Analytic Philosophy, and Phenomenology". [REVIEW]Marco Altamirano - forthcoming - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews:xx-yy.
  6. Review. Bruno Latour: Reassembling the Political, by Graham Harman. [REVIEW]Marco Altamirano - 2016 - Global Discourse 6 (1/2):152-156.
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