John Pryor [5]John B. Pryor [1]John H. Pryor [1]
  1. Investigating Formative Assessment: Teaching, Learning and Assessment in the Classroom.Harry Torrance & John Pryor - 1999 - British Journal of Educational Studies 47 (3):284-286.
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    Stephanus Demonasterio and the Notariat at Aubenas in the Early Fifteenth Century.John Pryor - 1974 - Mediaeval Studies 36 (1):28-55.
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    The working method of a thirteenth-century French notary: the example of Giraud Amalric and the Commenda contract.John H. Pryor - 1975 - Mediaeval Studies 37 (1):433-444.
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    How Theory Matters: Formative Assessment Theory and Practices and Their Different Relations to Education. [REVIEW]Barbara Crossouard & John Pryor - 2012 - Studies in Philosophy and Education 31 (3):251-263.
    The positioning of theory in relation to educational practice has provoked much recent debate, with some arguing that educational theory constrains thinking in education, while others dismiss ‘theory’ out of hand as belonging to the world of the ‘academic’, abstracted from the ‘realities’ of the classroom. This paper views theory as necessarily implicated in all practices, but argues that depending on the theories embraced, and the understanding of theory itself, education can be understood in very different ways. Resisting the separation (...)
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