1.  13
    Identification and location tasks rely on different mental processes: a diffusion model account of validity effects in spatial cueing paradigms with emotional stimuli.Roland Imhoff, Jens Lange & Markus Germar - 2019 - Cognition and Emotion 33 (2):231-244.
    ABSTRACTSpatial cueing paradigms are popular tools to assess human attention to emotional stimuli, but different variants of these paradigms differ in what participants’ primary task is. In one variant, participants indicate the location of the target, whereas in the other they indicate the shape of the target. In the present paper we test the idea that although these two variants produce seemingly comparable cue validity effects on response times, they rest on different underlying processes. Across four studies using both variants (...)
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  2.  22
    Envy: An Adversarial Review and Comparison of Two Competing Views.Jan Crusius, Manuel F. Gonzalez, Jens Lange & Yochi Cohen-Charash - 2019 - Emotion Review 12 (1):3-21.
    The nature of envy has recently been the subject of a heated debate. Some researchers see envy as a complex, yet unitary construct that despite being hostile in nature can lead to both hostile and...
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    Emotions as Overlapping Causal Networks of Emotion Components: Implications and Methodological Approaches.Jens Lange & Janis H. Zickfeld - 2021 - Emotion Review 13 (2):157-167.
    A widespread perspective describes emotions as distinct categories bridged by fuzzy boundaries, indicating that emotions are distinct and dimensional at the same time. Theoretical and methodological approaches to this perspective still need further development. We conceptualize emotions as overlapping networks of causal relationships between emotion components—networks representing distinct emotions share components with and relate to each other. To investigate this conceptualization, we introduce network analysis to emotion research and apply it to the reanalysis of a data set on multiple positive (...)
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  4. An Interdisciplinary Perspective on the Value of Envy.Jens Lange & Sara Protasi - 2021 - Review of Philosophy and Psychology:1-20.
    The public and scholars alike largely consider envy to be reprehensible. This judgment of the value of envy commonly results either from a limited understanding of the nature of envy or from a limited understanding of how to determine the value of phenomena. Overcoming this state requires an interdisciplinary collaboration of psychologists and philosophers. That is, broad empirical evidence regarding the nature of envy generated in psychological studies must inform judgments about the value of envy according to sophisticated philosophical standards. (...)
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  5.  17
    Surprise me! On the impact of unexpected benefits on other-praising gratitude expressions.Alexa Weiss, Pascal Burgmer & Jens Lange - 2020 - Tandf: Cognition and Emotion 34 (8):1608-1620.
    Volume 34, Issue 8, December 2020, Page 1608-1620.
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