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    How Real Are Real Numbers?Gregory Chaitin - 2011 - Manuscrito 34 (1):115-141.
    We discuss mathematical and physical arguments against continuity and in favor of discreteness, with particular emphasis on the ideas of Émile Borel.
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  2. Computational Complexity and Godel's Incompleteness Theorem.Gregory J. Chaitin - 1970 - [Rio De Janeiro, Centro Técnico Científico, Pontifícia Universidade Católica Do Rio De Janeiro.
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    Goedel's Way: Exploits Into an Undecidable World.Gregory J. Chaitin - 2011 - Crc Press.
    This accessible book gives a new, detailed and elementary explanation of the Gödel incompleteness theorems and presents the Chaitin results and their relation to the da Costa-Doria results, which are given in full, but with no ...
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    Irreducible Complexity in Pure Mathematics.Gregory Chaitin - 2008 - In Herbert Hrachovec & Alois Pichler (eds.), Wittgenstein and the Philosophy of Information: Proceedings of the 30th International Ludwig Wittgenstein-Symposium in Kirchberg, 2007. De Gruyter. pp. 261-272.
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    A Century of Controversy Over the Foundations of Mathematics.Gregory J. Chaitin - 2000 - Complexity 5 (5):12-21.
  6. Less Proof, More Truth.Gregory Chaitin - manuscript
    MATHEMATICS is a wonderful, mad subject, full of imagination, fantasy and creativity that is not limited by the petty details of the physical world, but only by the strength of our inner light. Does this sound familiar? Probably not from the mathematics classes you may have attended. But consider the work of three famous earlier mathematicians: Leonhard Euler, Georg Cantor and Srinivasa Ramanujan.
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    Petrópolis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil May 9–13, 2011.Carlos Areces, Carlos Caleiro & Gregory Chaitin - 2012 - Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 18 (1).
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    How to Run Algorithmic Information Theory on a Computer:Studying the Limits of Mathematical Reasoning.Gregory J. Chaitin - 1996 - Complexity 2 (1):15-21.
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    Paradoxes of Randomness and the Limitations of Mathematical Reasoning.Gregory Chaitin - 2002 - Complexity 7 (5):14-21.