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Adam Reeves [15]Adam J. Reeves [1]
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    Attention Gating in Short-Term Visual Memory.Adam Reeves & George Sperling - 1986 - Psychological Review 93 (2):180-206.
  2. Effects of Saturation and Contrast Polarity on the Figure-Ground Organization of Color on Gray.Birgitta Dresp-Langley & Adam Reeves - 2014 - Frontiers in Psychology 5:1-9.
    Poorly saturated colors are closer to a pure grey than strongly saturated ones and, therefore, appear less “colorful”. Color saturation is effectively manipulated in the visual arts for balancing conflicting sensations and moods and for inducing the perception of relative distance in the pictorial plane. While perceptual science has proven quite clearly that the luminance contrast of any hue acts as a self-sufficient cue to relative depth in visual images, the role of color saturation in such figure-ground organization has remained (...)
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  3. Simultaneous Brightness and Apparent Depth From True Colors on Grey: Chevreul Revisited.Birgitta Dresp-Langley & Adam Reeves - 2012 - Seeing and Perceiving 25 (6):597-618.
    We show that true colors as defined by Chevreul (1839) produce unsuspected simultaneous brightness induction effects on their immediate grey backgrounds when these are placed on a darker (black) general background surrounding two spatially separated configurations. Assimilation and apparent contrast may occur in one and the same stimulus display. We examined the possible link between these effects and the perceived depth of the color patterns which induce them as a function of their luminance contrast. Patterns of square-shaped inducers of a (...)
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    How Visual Imagery Interferes with Vision.Catherine Craver-Lemley & Adam Reeves - 1992 - Psychological Review 99 (4):633-649.
  5. Color and Figure-Ground: From Signals to Qualia.Birgitta Dresp-Langley & Adam Reeves (eds.) - 2014 - Routledge.
    The laws which predict how the perceptual quality of figure-ground can be extracted from the most elementary visual signals were discovered by the Gestaltists, and form an essential part of their movement (see especially Metzger, 1930, and Wertheimer, 1923 translated and re-edited by Lothar Spillmann, 2009 and 2012, respectively). Distinguishing figure from ground is a prerequisite for perception of both form and space (the relative positions, trajectories, and distances of objects in the visual field. The human brain has an astonishing (...)
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    Editorial: The Future of Perceptual Illusions: From Phenomenology to Neuroscience.Adam Reeves & Baingio Pinna - 2017 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 11.
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    Unmasking the Perky Effect: Spatial Extent of Image Interference on Visual Acuity.Adam Reeves & Catherine Craver-Lemley - 2012 - Frontiers in Psychology 3.
  8. Color for the Perceptual Organization of the Pictorial Plane: Victor Vasarely's Legacy to Gestalt Psychology.Birgitta Dresp-Langley & Adam Reeves - 2020 - Heliyon 6 (6):e04375.
    Victor Vasarely's (1906–1997) important legacy to the study of human perception is brought to the forefront and discussed. A large part of his impressive work conveys the appearance of striking three-dimensional shapes and structures in a large-scale pictorial plane. Current perception science explains such effects by invoking brain mechanisms for the processing of monocular (2D) depth cues. Here in this study, we illustrate and explain local effects of 2D color and contrast cues on the perceptual organization in terms of figure-ground (...)
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    Visual Imagery is Not Always Like Visual Perception.Martha E. Arterberry, Catherine Craver-Lemley & Adam Reeves - 2002 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 25 (2):183-184.
    The “Perky effect” is the interference of visual imagery with vision. Studies of this effect show that visual imagery has more than symbolic properties, but these properties differ both spatially (including “pictorially”) and temporally from those of vision. We therefore reject both the literal picture-in-the-head view and the entirely symbolic view.
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    Perceptual Categories Derived From Reid’s “Common Sense” Philosophy.Adam Reeves & Birgitta Dresp-Langley - 2017 - Frontiers in Psychology 8.
    The 18th-century Scottish ‘common sense’ philosopher Thomas Reid argued that perception can be distinguished on several dimensions from other categories of experience, such as sensation, illusion, hallucination, mental images, and what he called ‘fancy.’ We extend his approach to eleven mental categories, and discuss how these distinctions, often ignored in the empirical literature, bear on current research. We also score each category on five properties (ones abstracted from Reid) to form a 5 × 11 matrix, and thus can generate statistical (...)
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    Areas of Ignorance and Confusion in Color Science.Adam Reeves - 1992 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 15 (1):49-50.
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    Psychophysical Scaling: A Conditional Defense of R=F(I).Adam Reeves - 1995 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 18 (3):605-606.
    Psychophysical scales can be constructed under suitable restrictions from appropriate data, but they still do not justify privileged internal sensations.
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    Rapid Adaptation of Night Vision.Adam Reeves, Rebecca Grayhem & Alex D. Hwang - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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    Color as a Factor Analytic Approximation to Nature.Adam Reeves - 2003 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 26 (1):46-46.
    Color vision provides accurate measures of the phase and intensity of daylight, and also a means of discriminating between objects. Neither property implies that objects are colored.
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