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    Logico- Theological Schools From the Second Half of the 12th Century: A List of Sources1.Sten Ebbesen & Yukio Iwakuma - 1992 - Vivarium 30 (1):173-211.
  2. Instantiae and 12th Century “Schools”.Sten Ebbesen & Yukio Iwakuma - 1983 - Cahiers de l'Institut du Moyen-Âge Grec Et Latin 44:81-85.
  3. Fallaciae Lemovicenses.Sten Ebbesen & Yukio Iwakuma - 1993 - Cahiers de l'Institut du Moyen-Âge Grec Et Latin 63:3-42.
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  4. Introductiones Dialecticae Artis Secundum Magistrum G. Paganellum.Yukio Iwakuma - 1993 - Cahiers de L’Institut du Moyen-Âge Grec Et Latin 63:45-114.
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    Instantiae: An Introduction to a Twelfth Century Technique of Argumentation. [REVIEW]Yukio Iwakuma - 1987 - Argumentation 1 (4):437-453.
    An instantia is a technique to refute other's arguments, found in many tracts from the latter half of the twelfth century. An instantia has (or appears to have) the same form as the argument to be refuted and its falsity is more evident than that of the argument.Precursors of instantiae are among the teachings of masters active in the first half of the century. These masters produce counter-arguments against various inferential forms in order to examine their validity. But the aim (...)
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