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    “Monkey See, Monkey Do?”: The Effect of Construal Level on Consumers’ Reactions to Others’ Unethical Behavior.Yuanqiong He, Junfang Zhang, Yuanyuan Zhou & Zhilin Yang - 2019 - Journal of Business Ethics 156 (2):455-472.
    This research examines how and why reactions to other consumers’ unethical behavior differ among consumers and vary in different situations. Drawing on construal level theory, the authors propose that the relationship between other consumers’ unethical behavior and focal consumers’ unethical behavior is moderated by focal consumers’ construal level, and self-expressiveness mediates this moderating effect. Specifically, consumers at higher construal levels tend to view their behavior as more self-expressive and are thus less likely to imitate other consumers’ unethical behavior. Study 1 (...)
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    Self-Adaptive K-Means Based on a Covering Algorithm.Yiwen Zhang, Yuanyuan Zhou, Xing Guo, Jintao Wu, Qiang He, Xiao Liu & Yun Yang - 2018 - Complexity 2018:1-16.
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    How Human–Chatbot Interaction Impairs Charitable Giving: The Role of Moral Judgment.Yuanyuan Zhou, Zhuoying Fei, Yuanqiong He & Zhilin Yang - 2022 - Journal of Business Ethics 178 (3):849-865.
    Interactions between human beings and chatbots are gradually becoming part of our everyday social lives. It is still unclear how human–chatbot interactions, compared to human–human interactions, influence individual morality. Building on the dual-process theory of moral judgment, a secondary data analysis, and two scenario-based experiments provide sufficient evidence that HCIs support utilitarian judgments, which reduce participants' donation amount. Study 3 further demonstrates that the negative effects of HCIs can be attenuated by inducing a social-oriented communication style in chatbots’ verbal language (...)
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