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Tjerk Gauderis
University of Ghent
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    Modelling Abduction in Science by Means of a Modal Adaptive Logic.Tjerk Gauderis - 2013 - Foundations of Science 18 (4):611-624.
    Scientists confronted with multiple explanatory hypotheses as a result of their abductive inferences, generally want to reason further on the different hypotheses one by one. This paper presents a modal adaptive logic MLA s that enables us to model abduction in such a way that the different explanatory hypotheses can be derived individually. This modelling is illustrated with a case study on the different hypotheses on the origin of the Moon.
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  2. Abduction of Generalizations.Tjerk Gauderis & Frederik Van De Putte - 2012 - Theoria 27 (3):345-363.
    _Abduction of generalizations_ is the process in which explanatory hypotheses are formed for an observed, yet puzzling generalization such as ``pineapples taste sweet" or ``rainbows appear when the sun breaks through the rain". This phenomenon has received little attention in formal logic and philosophy of science. The current paper remedies this lacuna by first giving an overview of some general characteristics of this process, elaborating on its ubiquity in scientific and daily life reasoning. Second, the adaptive logic $\LAG$ is presented (...)
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