Ross S. Kilpatrick [4]Ross S' Kilpatrick [1]
  1. When A God Contrives. Genoito Mentan Pan Theou Tekhnomenou (Ajax 86). Divine Providence in Alcestis and Ajax.Ross S' Kilpatrick - 1986 - Dionysius 10:3-20.
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    An Interpretation Of Horace, Epodes 13.Ross S. Kilpatrick - 1970 - Classical Quarterly 20 (01):135-.
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    Nam Unguentum Dabo: Catullus 13 and Servius' Note on Phaon (Aeneid 3.279)1.Ross S. Kilpatrick - 1998 - Classical Quarterly 48 (01):303-.
    Catullus' cunning dinner invitation to Fabullus continues to generate a rich variety of interpretations of its memorable central image, the promised gift of a certain unguentum Veneris . Three Latomus articles, by Littman, Hallett, and Case, have explored possible origins of and uses for that mysterious substance, suggesting, for example, that it might even contain female secretions with powerful aphrodisiac properties, or some other unmentionable sexual lubricant.
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