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    Fort/Da/Freud.Paul Kingsbury - 2022 - History of the Human Sciences 35 (2):198-204.
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    Beyond sun, sand, and stitches: Assigning responsibility for the Harms of medical tourism.Jeremy Snyder, Valorie Crooks, Rory Johnston & Paul Kingsbury - 2012 - Bioethics 27 (5):233-242.
    Medical tourism (MT) can be conceptualized as the intentional pursuit of non-emergency surgical interventions by patients outside their nation of residence. Despite increasing popular interest in MT, the ethical issues associated with the practice have thus far been under-examined. MT has been associated with a range of both positive and negative effects for medical tourists' home and host countries, and for the medical tourists themselves. Absent from previous explorations of MT is a clear argument of how responsibility for the harms (...)
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    A place more void.Paul Kingsbury & Anna Jean Secor (eds.) - 2021 - Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press.
    This collection presents geography's most in-depth and sustained engagements with the void to date, demonstrating the extent to which related themes such as gaps, cracks, lacks, and emptiness perforate geography's fundamental concepts, practices, and passions.
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