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  1. Influencing the moral dimensions of dental practice.Muriel J. Bebeau - 1994 - In James R. Rest & Darcia Narváez (eds.), Moral Development in the Professions: Psychology and Applied Ethics. L. Erlbaum Associates. pp. 121--146.
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    Gender Differences in Moral Sensitivity: A Meta-Analysis.Yukiko di YouMaeda & Muriel J. Bebeau - 2011 - Ethics and Behavior 21 (4):263 - 282.
    This meta-analysis synthesizes quantitative findings of the gender differences in moral sensitivity retrieved from 19 primary studies. We found the average effect size of 0.25, favoring women, with a standard deviation of 0.14. The variation in the observed effect sizes could not be attributed to differences in participants' educational level, the utilized measure of moral sensitivity, or the publication format in which the study was reported. This suggests that gender differences in moral sensitivity are consistent across different levels of participants' (...)
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    Authorship and Publication Practices in the Social Sciences: Historical Reflections on Current Practices.Muriel J. Bebeau & Verna Monson - 2011 - Science and Engineering Ethics 17 (2):365-388.
    An historical review of authorship definitions and publication practices that are embedded in directions to authors and in the codes of ethics in the fields of psychology, sociology, and education illuminates reasonable agreement and consistency across the fields with regard to (a) originality of the work submitted, (b) data sharing, (c) human participants’ protection, and (d) conflict of interest disclosure. However, the role of the professional association in addressing violations of research or publication practices varies among these fields. Psychology and (...)
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  4. Evidence-based character development.Muriel J. Bebeau - 2006 - Advances in Bioethics 10:47-86.
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    Political Pressures in the Life of Ethicists: Opportunities for Professional Moral Development.Muriel J. Bebeau - 2016 - Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics 6 (1):37-42.
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