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  1. The Ethics of Computer Games.Miguel Sicart - 2009 - MIT Press.
    Why computer games can be ethical, how players use their ethical values in gameplay, and the implications for game design.
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    The Ethics of Computer Games.Miguel Sicart - 2011 - MIT Press.
    Despite the emergence of computer games as a dominant cultural industry, we know little or nothing about the ethics of computer games. Considerations of the morality of computer games seldom go beyond intermittent portrayals of them in the mass media as training devices for teenage serial killers. In this first scholarly exploration of the subject, Miguel Sicart addresses broader issues about the ethics of games, the ethics of playing the games, and the ethical responsibilities of game designers. He argues that (...)
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    The Banality of Simulated Evil: Designing Ethical Gameplay. [REVIEW]Miguel Sicart - 2009 - Ethics and Information Technology 11 (3):191-202.
    This paper offers an analytical description of the ethics of game design and its influence in the ethical challenges computer games present. The paper proposes a set of game design suggestions based on the Information Ethics concept of Levels of Abstraction which can be applied to formalise ethical challenges into gameplay mechanics; thus allowing game designers to incorporate ethics as part of the experience of their games. The goal of this paper is twofold: to address some of the reasons why (...)
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    Game, Player, Ethics: A Virtue Ethics Approach to Computer Games.Miguel Sicart - 2005 - International Review of Information Ethics 4 (12):13-18.
    As the contemporary heirs of popular music or cinema, computer games are gradually taking over the mar-kets of entertainment. Much like cinema and music, computer games are taking the spotlight in another front – that which blames them for encouraging unethical behaviors. Apparently, computer games turn their users into blood thirsty zombies with a computer game learnt ability of aiming with deadly precision. The goal of this paper is to pay attention to the ethical nature of computer games, in order (...)
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    Play in the Information Age.Miguel Sicart - 2019 - Philosophy and Technology 32 (3):517-534.
    This article is an inquiry on the role of play in shaping the cultures of the Information Age. By applying concepts from Postphenomenology and the Philosophy of Information, this paper argues that play and computation share a capacity to shape human experience. I will apply the concept of re-ontologization to describe the effect that computation has had in shaping the world. I will apply the concept of relational strategies to argue that play is a way of interfacing with the computational (...)
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