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    Mature care in professional relationships and health care prioritizations.Marita Nordhaug & Per Nortvedt - 2011 - Nursing Ethics 18 (2):209-216.
    This article addresses some ambiguities and normative problems with the concept of mature care in professional relationships and in health care priorities. Mature care has recently been introduced in the literature on care ethics as an alternative to prevailing altruistic conceptions of care. The essence of mature care is an emphasis on reciprocity, where the mature agent has the ability to balance the concerns of self with those of others and act from a principle of not causing harm. Our basic (...)
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    Nudging in nursing.Anne Helene Mortensen, Marita Nordhaug & Vibeke Lohne - 2019 - Nursing Ethics 26 (6):1601-1610.
    Nudging is a concept in behavioural science, political theory and economics that proposes indirect suggestions to try to achieve non-forced compliance and to influence the decision making and behaviour of groups and individuals. Researchers in medical ethics are currently discussing whether nudging is ethically permissible in healthcare. In this article, we examine current knowledge about how different decisions are made and how this decision-making process pertains to patients. We view this knowledge in light of the nursing project and the ongoing (...)
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    Justice and Proximity: Problems for an Ethics of Care. [REVIEW]Marita Nordhaug & Per Nortvedt - 2011 - Health Care Analysis 19 (1):3-14.
    This paper aims at addressing some questions considering the conflicting normative claims of partiality, i.e. to provide for the caring needs of the particular patient, and impartial claims of treating all patients with a relevant need equally. This ethical conflict between different conceptions of moral responsibilities within professional ethics relates to debates between an ethics of care and an ethics of justice. An ethics of care is a particularistic position that endorses some form of partiality, i.e. favouring persons to whom (...)
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