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    A Gabbay-Rule Free Axiomatization of T×W Validity.Maria Concetta Di Maio & Alberto Zanardo - 1998 - Journal of Philosophical Logic 27 (5):435-487.
    The semantical structures called T×W frames were introduced in (Thomason, 1984) for the Ockhamist temporal-modal language, ℒO, which consists of the usual propositional language augmented with the Priorean operators P and F and with a possibility operator ⋄. However, these structures are also suitable for interpreting an extended language, ℒSO, containing a further possibility operator ⋄s which expresses synchronism among possibly incompatible histories and which can thus be thought of as a cross-history ‘simultaneity’ operator. In the present paper we provide (...)
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    Review of Notes on Philosophy, Probability and Mathematics by Frank Plumpton Ramsey; Maria Carla Galavotti. [REVIEW]Maria Concetta Di Maio - 1994 - Philosophy of Science 61 (3):487-489.
  3. Logica E Filosofia Della Scienza, Problemi E Prospettive Atti Del Congresso Triennale Della Società Italiana di Logica E Filosofia Delle Scienze, Lucca, 7-10 Gennaio 1993.Maria Concetta Di Maio, Carlo Cellucci, Gino Roncaglia, Problemi E. Prospettive Società Italiana di Logica E. Filosofia Della Scienza & Congresso Logica E. Filosofia Della Scienza - 1994 - Edizioni Ets.
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  4. Inductive Logic and the Foundations of Probability Theory: A Revaluation of Carnap's Program.Maria Concetta Di Maio - 1992 - Dissertation, Princeton University
    In this thesis I defend and pursue that line about the foundations of probability theory which has come to be known as "the logicist view about probability", and, in particular, the shape which it took in Carnap's Inductive Logic. ;Most philosophers who now deal with probability theory claim that Carnap's program of Inductive Logic has failed. The main aim of my thesis is to show that this judgment is based on a fundamental misunderstanding about the nature and the aim of (...)
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    Inductive logic: aims and procedures.Maria Concetta Di Maio - 1994 - Theoria 60 (2):129-153.
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