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Jamie Webb
University of Sussex at Brighton
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    Ethically Allocating COVID-19 Drugs Via Pre-Approval Access and Emergency Use Authorization.Jamie Webb, Lesha D. Shah & Holly Fernandez Lynch - 2020 - American Journal of Bioethics 20 (9):4-17.
    Allocating access to unapproved COVID-19 drugs available via Pre-Approval Access pathways or Emergency Use Authorization raises unique challenges at the intersection of clinical care and research....
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    Siblings and Discordant Eligibility for Gene Therapy Research: Considering Parental Requests for Non-Trial "Compassionate Use”.Jamie Webb, Lesha D. Shah & Alison Bateman-House - forthcoming - Clinical Ethics:147775092098357.
    Deciding whether to grant an expanded access request for a child whose sibling is enrolled in a gene therapy trial involves a number of complex factors: considering the best interests of the child, the psychosocial and economic impact on the family, and the concerns and obligations of researchers. Despite the challenges in coming to a substantively fair outcome in cases of discordant eligibility, creating a procedurally fair decision-making process to adjudicate requests is essential.
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    Putting Placebo‐Controlled Trials in Developing Countries to the Interpersonal Justifiability Test.Jamie Webb - 2019 - Developing World Bioethics 19 (3):139-147.
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