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Harm Goris
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    The Angelic Doctor and Angelic Speech: The Development of Thomas Aquinas's Thought on How Angels Communicate.Harm Goris - 1988 - Journal of Nietzsche Studies 11 (1):87-105.
    This paper shows how Aquinas gradually developed his view on angelic speech. His major texts are summarized and compared to those of contemporaries (sections II-III). Next the texts are analyzed, focusing on three issues: the notion of ‘word’ (section IV), the role of the will (section V), and the need of signification (section VI). With regard to each of these topics, Aquinas’ thought evolved, first by juxtaposing and later by integrating Augustinian and Aristotelian viewpoints. Aquinas reaches his mature position in (...)
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    Tense Logic in 13th-Century Theology.Harm Goris - 2001 - Vivarium 39 (2):161-184.
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    Divine Transcendence and Immanence in the Work of Thomas Aquinas: A Collection of Studies Presented at the Third Conference of the Thomas Instituut Te Utrecht, December 15-17, 2005. [REVIEW]Harm J. M. J. Goris, Herwi Rikhof & Henk J. M. Schoot (eds.) - 2009 - Peeters.
    The terms 'transcendence' and 'immanence' are often used casually and as self-evident. The spatial imagery contained in their meaning determines the way they are understood and used: as opposites, like 'there' and 'here'. As a consequence, the two concepts are seen as mutually exclusive when applied to God's being and to his activity and presence in our world and in our history. This view on the relationship between God and world is characteristic not only of deism and pantheism, but also (...)
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    Aquinas as Authority: A Collection of Studies Presented at the Second Conference of the Thomas Insituut Te Utrecht, December 14-16, 2000. [REVIEW]Paul van Geest, Harm J. M. J. Goris, Carlo Leget & Mishtooni Bose (eds.) - 2002 - Peeters.
    This book collects a selection of the studies that were presented (Peeters 2001).
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    Near–Death Experiences. A Theological Interpretation.Harm Goris - 2014 - International Journal of Philosophy and Theology 75 (1):74-85.
    Stories about near-death experiences draw much attention from the general public and are extensively discussed by medical doctors and neuroscientists. However, though eschatology belongs to their core business, only few theologians participate in the debate. This article proposes a theological interpretation of NDEs as ‘private revelations’. I first give a critical analysis of the development of the modern, allegedly ‘scientific’, concept of NDE. This concept changes concrete personal testimonies into statistical data that are used as scientific evidence for the existence (...)
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    Boekbesprekingen.Theo de Kruijf, Bart J. Koet, E. A. M. van der Vin, Veerle Fraeters, Carlo Leget, Geert van Dartel, Wim Smit, Bart Hansen, Ton Meijers, Joke Maex, Harm Goris & Ria Kloppenborg - 2002 - Bijdragen 63 (1):101-119.
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