Hrvoj VanČik [3]H. Vancik [1]
  1. Authors index volume.B. G. Malmström, L. McIntyre, P. H. Plesch, R. M. Richman, D. Rothbart, E. R. Scerri, R. Strand, J. Van Brakel, H. Vancik & G. K. Vemulapalli - 1999 - Foundations of Chemistry 1 (313).
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    From complexity to systems.Hrvoj Vančik - 2022 - Foundations of Chemistry 25 (3):345-358.
    The interrelation between two theories, theory of complexity and theory of systems, is analyzed by using the chemical graph-theoretical concept. The idea of complexity is systemized through three components: diachronic, synchronic, and combinatorial complexity. The relationships between entropy and complexity, as well as the problem of function are also discussed.
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    Philosophy of chemistry and limits of complexity.Hrvoj Vančik - 2003 - Foundations of Chemistry 5 (3):237-247.
    The problem of complexity is considered within the framework of concepts developed in recent studies in the philosophy of chemistry. According to previously expressed ideas about diminishing interactions (Vančik, 1999), as well as on the basis of the concept of levels of complexity, we speculate here that the complexity should approach its final limit. On the other hand, dynamical complexity may grow ad infinitum, and relativistic effects can only limit it. Impacts of these considerations on a possible change of actual (...)
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    Opus Magnum: An Outline for the Philosophy of Chemistry. [REVIEW]Hrvoj VanČik - 1999 - Foundations of Chemistry 1 (3):239-254.
    This work explores the nature of chemistry as an autonomous science and philosophical consequences of generalizations of some chemical aspects. Chemistry is regarded in its distinction from physics, going back to the alchemical aim for the ultimate experiment rather than for all explaining theory. Topology, shape, valence etc. are identified as typically chemical concepts. The contribution of chemistry to the general theory of complexity is demonstrated by approach of diminishing interactions by which smaller and smaller energy increments are needed to (...)
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