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Gary L. Hardcastle [8]Gary Lockwood Hardcastle [1]
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    Logical Empiricism in North America.Gary L. Hardcastle & Alan W. Richardson (eds.) - 1956 - Univ of Minnesota Press.
    "An essential overview of an important intellectual movement, Logical Empiricism in North America offers the first significant, sustained, and multidisciplinary attempt to understand the intellectual, cultural, and political dimensions of ...
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    Presentism and the Indeterminacy of Translation.Gary L. Hardcastle - 1991 - Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part A 22 (2):321-345.
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    S. S. Stevens and the Origins of Operationism.Gary L. Hardcastle - 1995 - Philosophy of Science 62 (3):404-424.
    Despite influencing the social sciences since the 1930s, S. S. Stevens' "operationist" philosophy of science has yet to be adequately understood. I reconstruct Stevens' operationism from his early work and assess the influence of various views (logical positivism, behaviorism and the "operational viewpoint" of P. W. Bridgman, among others) on Stevens. Stevens' operationism emerges, on my reconstruction, as a naturalistic methodological directive aimed at agreement, founded in turn on the belief that agreement is constitutive of science, the scientific community, and (...)
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    Thomas E. Uebel, "Overcoming Logical Positivism From Within: The Emergence of Neurath's Naturalism in the Vienna Circle's Protocol Sentence Debate". [REVIEW]Gary L. Hardcastle - 1994 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 32 (4):685.
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    Gary L. Hardcastle, Review of Osiris, Volume 10: Constructing Knowledge in the History of Science by Arnold Thackray. [REVIEW]Gary L. Hardcastle - 1998 - Philosophy of Science 65 (2):373-375.
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    What Horwich’s Minimal Theory of Truth Does Not Explain.Gary L. Hardcastle - 1996 - Southern Journal of Philosophy 34 (2):135-146.
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    Joel Isaac. Working Knowledge: Making the Human Sciences From Parsons to Kuhn. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2012. Pp. 314. $49.95. [REVIEW]Gary L. Hardcastle - 2014 - Hopos: The Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science 4 (1):154-157.
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