1. Can the West Save the East? Intrinsic Value and the Foundation of Chinese Environmental Ethics.Gao Shan - 2012 - Frontiers of Philosophy in China 7 (1):112-127.
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    From Intrinsic Value to the Emotion of Wonder.Gao Shan - 2018 - Environmental Ethics 40 (1):81-91.
    Since environmental ethics research started in China in the 1980s, it has been deeply influenced by environmental ethics theory in the United States. Some Chinese environmental philosophers have adopted the key concept of intrinsic value to construct Chinese environmental ethics. However, in recent decades, the concept of intrinsic value has been criticized by scholars in both the United States and China. Many Chinese have found that environmental ethics in the United States that is founded on the concept of intrinsic value (...)
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  3. A Possible Connection Between Self-Consciousness and Quantum.Gao Shan - 2004 - Axiomathes 14 (4):295-305.
    We study the possible connection between self-consciousness and quantum process. It is shown that the self-consciousness function can help to measure the collapse time of wave function under some condition, while the usual physical device without self-consciousness can't. Furthermore, we show that the observer with self-consciousness can distinguish the definite state and the superposition of definite states under some stronger condition. This provides a practical physical method to differentiate man and machine, and will also help to find the possible existence (...)
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