Chris Buskes [4]Chris J. J. Buskes [2]
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    Terra incognita: Explanation and reduction in earth science.Maarten G. Kleinhans, Chris J. J. Buskes & Henk W. de Regt - 2005 - International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 19 (3):289 – 317.
    The present paper presents a philosophical analysis of earth science, a discipline that has received relatively little attention from philosophers of science. We focus on the question of whether earth science can be reduced to allegedly more fundamental sciences, such as chemistry or physics. In order to answer this question, we investigate the aims and methods of earth science, the laws and theories used by earth scientists, and the nature of earth-scientific explanation. Our analysis leads to the tentative conclusion that (...)
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  2. The Genealogy of Knowledge a Darwinian Approach to Epistemology and Philosophy of Science.Chris Buskes - 1998
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    Philosophy of Earth Science.Maarten G. Kleinhans, Chris J. J. Buskes & Henk W. de Regt - 2010-01-04 - In Fritz Allhoff (ed.), Philosophies of the Sciences. Wiley‐Blackwell. pp. 213–236.
    This chapter contains sections titled: Introduction Object and Aims of Earth Science The Autonomy of Earth Science Explanation in Earth Science Conclusion Acknowledgment References.
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  4. Darwinism Extended: A Survey of How the Idea of Cultural Evolution Evolved.Chris Buskes - 2013 - Philosophia 41 (3):661-691.
    In the past 150 years there have been many attempts to draw parallels between cultural and biological evolution. Most of these attempts were flawed due to lack of knowledge and false ideas about evolution. In recent decades these shortcomings have been cleared away, thus triggering a renewed interest in the subject. This paper offers a critical survey of the main issues and arguments in that discussion. The paper starts with an explication of the Darwinian algorithm of evolution. It is argued (...)
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    Darwinizing Culture: Pitfalls and Promises: Peter J. Richerson and Morten H. Christiansen : Cultural Evolution: Society, Technology, Language, and Religion. The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2013, 485 pp, $38.00 , ISBN: 978-0-262-01975-0.Chris Buskes - 2015 - Acta Biotheoretica 63 (2):223-235.
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    The Encultured Primate: Thresholds and Transitions in Hominin Cultural Evolution.Chris Buskes - 2019 - Philosophies 4 (1):6.
    This article tries to shed light on the mystery of human culture. Human beings are the only extant species with cumulative, evolving cultures. Many animal species do have cultural traditions in the form of socially transmitted practices but they typically lack cumulative culture. Why is that? This discrepancy between humans and animals is even more puzzling if one realizes that culture seems highly advantageous. Thanks to their accumulated knowledge and techniques our early ancestors were able to leave their cradle in (...)
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