1. How the First Partial Transpose Was Written.Dagmar Bruß & Chiara Macchiavello - 2005 - Foundations of Physics 35 (11):1921-1926.
    We tell the tale of the first writing of a partial transpose, without guaranteeing historical authenticity.
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  2. On the Entanglement Structure in Quantum Cloning.Dagmar Bruß & Chiara Macchiavello - 2003 - Foundations of Physics 33 (11):1617-1628.
    We study the entanglement properties of the output state of a universal cloning machine. We analyse in particular bipartite and tripartite entanglement of the clones, and discuss the “classical limit” of infinitely many output copies.
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    On Quantum Algorithms.Richard Cleve, Artur Ekert, Leah Henderson, Chiara Macchiavello & Michele Mosca - 1998 - Complexity 4 (1):33-42.
    Quantum computers use the quantum interference of different computational paths to enhance correct outcomes and suppress erroneous outcomes of computations. In effect, they follow the same logical paradigm as (multi-particle) interferometers. We show how most known quantum algorithms for factorising and counting, may be cast in this manner. Quantum searching is described as inducing a desired relative phase between two eigenvectors to yield constructive interference on the sought elements and destructive interference on the remaining terms.
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