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Camilo Martinez
Princeton University
Camilo Martínez Vela
Pontifical Javeriana University
  1. Coherence as Joint Satisfiability.Samuel Fullhart & Camilo Martinez - forthcoming - Australasian Journal of Philosophy.
    According to many philosophers, rationality is, at least in part, a matter of one’s attitudes cohering with one another. Theorists who endorse this idea have devoted much attention to formulating various coherence requirements. Surprisingly, they have said very little about what it takes for a set of attitudes to be coherent in general. We articulate and defend a general account on which a set of attitudes is coherent just in case and because it is logically possible for the attitudes to (...)
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  2. Taught rules: Instruction and the evolution of norms.Camilo Martinez - 2024 - Philosophical Studies 181 (2):433-459.
    Why do we have social norms—of fairness, cooperation, trust, property, or gender? Modern-day Humeans, as I call them, believe these norms are best accounted for in cultural evolutionary terms, as adaptive solutions to recurrent problems of social interaction. In this paper, I discuss a challenge to this “Humean Program.” Social norms involve widespread behaviors, but also distinctive psychological attitudes and dispositions. According to the challenge, Humean accounts of norms leave their psychological side unexplained. They explain, say, why we share equally, (...)
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  3. Lenguaje ordinario y argumentación.Camilo Martínez & Danny Marrero - 2005 - Cuadrante Phi.
    The study on argumentation has been developed until it becoming into an independent studying field since mid last century. Nowadays, this field embraces its own academic structure of magazines, books series, societies, symposiums, Internet Web Pages, experts systems, and it even takes place within departments and curriculums concerning certain Universities' media, which attempt to give an academic discipline shape to the argumentation..
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