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  1. The Power Not to Be (What We Are): The Politics and Ethics of Self-Creation in Foucault.Benda Hofmeyr - 2006 - Journal of Moral Philosophy 3 (2):215-230.
    on ethics provides an opportunity to go beyond some of the controversies generated by his work of the 1970s. It was thought, for example, that Foucault had overstated the extent to which individuals could be ‘subjected’ to the influence of power, leaving them little room to resist. This paper will consider the ‘politics’ of self-creation. We shall attempt to establish to what extent Foucault’s later notion of self-formation does in fact succeed in countering an over determination by power. In the (...)
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    Radical Passivity: Rethinking Ethical Agency in Levinas.Benda Hofmeyr (ed.) - 2009 - Springer.
    In addition, this volume offers us a much needed critical revaluation of key issues in Levinas's thought which are, more often than not, uncritically ...
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    The Contemporary Pertinence of the Later Foucault. Have His Strategies in Resistance Stood the Test of Time?Benda Hofmeyr - 2008 - South African Journal of Philosophy 27 (2):104-117.
    What happened during the fairly long silence following The History of Sexuality? … had he [Foucault] not trapped himself within the concept of power relations?’ asks Deleuze. According to him, Foucault would have answered ‘that power does not take life as its objective without revealing or giving rise to a life that resists power’ . The object of this essay is to assess what happens ‘if the transversal relations of resistance continue to become restratified’. When the long silence was finally (...)
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  4. Foucault and Governmentality: Living to Work in the Age of Control.Benda Hofmeyr - 2000 - Rowman & Littlefield Publishers.
    Drawing upon political philosophy and political economy, Benda Hofmeyr presents a Foucaultian analysis and historical contextualisation of the rise of neo-liberal governmentality. Historical, sociological and cultural studies help excavate the geneaology of the capitalist subject within the neo-liberal governmental context of the last four decades.
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    Levinas and the Possibility of Dialogue with “Strangers”.Benda Hofmeyr - 2016 - Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology 47 (2):174-189.
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    Originalism.Willem B. Drees & Benda Hofmeyr - 2009 - Wijsgerig Perspectief 49 (2):42.
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    Foucault and the Art of Ethics. [REVIEW]Benda Hofmeyr - 2006 - Journal of Moral Philosophy 3 (1):121-123.