Alex Viskovatoff [6]Alexander Viskovatoff [1]
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    Foundations of Niklas Luhmann’s Theory of Social Systems.Alex Viskovatoff - 1999 - Philosophy of the Social Sciences 29 (4):481-516.
    Of all contemporary social theorists, Luhmann has best understood the centrality of the concept of meaning to social theory and has most extensively worked out the notion's implications. However, despite the power of his theory, the theory suffers from difficulties impeding its reception. This article attempts to remedy this situation with some critical arguments and proposals for revision. First, the theory Luhmann adopted from biology as the basis of his own theory was a poor choice since that theory has no (...)
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    The Market as an Environment.Alex Viskovatoff - 2004 - Journal des Economistes Et des Etudes Humaines 14 (2).
    More than perhaps any other major social theorist, Niklas Luhmann adopted a perspective on society at the opposite end of the atomistic-holistic spectrum to that of mainstream economics. While the position of mainstream economics is that society is nothing more than a collection of individuals, so that it can be understood simply in terms of those individuals and their interactions, Luhmann abstracts from individuals entirely, understanding social phenomena as being produced by society itself, with individuals playing a merely peripheral or (...)
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    Science, Rationality, and Neoclassical Economics, L. D. Keita. University of Delaware Press, 1992,187 pages. [REVIEW]Alex Viskovatoff - 1995 - Economics and Philosophy 11 (1):216.