1.  63
    What Do You Think I Think You Think?: Strategic Reasoning in Matrix Games.Trey Hedden & Jun Zhang - 2002 - Cognition 85 (1):1-36.
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  2.  89
    Perspective-Taking and Depth of Theory-of-Mind Reasoning in Sequential-Move Games.Jun Zhang, Trey Hedden & Adrian Chia - 2012 - Cognitive Science 36 (3):560-573.
    Theory-of-mind (ToM) involves modeling an individual’s mental states to plan one’s action and to anticipate others’ actions through recursive reasoning that may be myopic (with limited recursion) or predictive (with full recursion). ToM recursion was examined using a series of two-player, sequential-move matrix games with a maximum of three steps. Participants were assigned the role of Player I, controlling the initial and the last step, or of Player II, controlling the second step. Appropriate for the assigned role, participants either anticipated (...)
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  3.  65
    Two Paradigms for Depth of Strategic Reasoning in Games.Jun Zhang & Trey Hedden - 2003 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 7 (1):4-5.
  4.  19
    Contributions of Source and Inhibitory Mechanisms to Age-Related Retroactive Interference in Verbal Working Memory.Trey Hedden & Denise C. Park - 2003 - Journal of Experimental Psychology: General 132 (1):93.
  5. B1–B10.Trey Hedden, Jun Zhang, Annt Phillips, Henry M. Wellman, Elizabeth S. Spelke, Tessa Warren & Edward Gibson - 2002 - Cognition 85:292-294.
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