1. Розвиток взаємодії органів державного управління, бізнесу та громадян за допомогою засобів електронного урядування.Svitlana Firsova & Oleg Deutsch - 2014 - Схід 6 (132):73-75.
    The article highlights the theoretical foundations of information support of public administration. The paper considers and analyzes effective information and telecommunication systems for implementing information security in public administration, including the development and implementation of a scientific approach to it. The research focuses on the amount of information that moves in the information system of public administration activities and provides authorities received mutually reinforcing effect "economies of scale" that is traditional in costs by increasing the scale of production.
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    Structural Correspondence Between Organizational Theories.Herman Aksom & Svitlana Firsova - 2021 - Philosophy of Management 20 (3):307-336.
    Organizational research constitutes a differentiated, complex and fragmented field with multiple contradicting and incommensurable theories that make fundamentally different claims about the social and organizational reality. In contrast to natural sciences, the progress in this field can’t be attributed to the principle of truthlikeness where theories compete against each other and only best theories survive and prove they are closer to the truth and thus demonstrate scientific knowledge accumulation. We defend the structural realist view on the nature of organizational theories (...)
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