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    Abduction, Perception, Emotion, Feeling: Body Maps and Pattern Recognition.Miroslava Trajkovski & Timothy Williamson - 2021 - Philosophical Perspectives 35 (1):404-418.
  2. The man who defined truth and the lvov crisis.Miroslava Trajkovski - 2021 - In Nenad Cekić (ed.), Етика и истина у доба кризе. University of Belgrade - Faculty of Philosophy. pp. 97-110.
    In the period after the First World War when the various national-ideological “truths” that led to it were not well resolved which resulted in the Second World War, one of the greatest world crises occurs. In those turbulent times, one philosopher renounces his national identity (changes his religion and name), wanting not to save himself from an evil world that is emerging but to join the creation of a completely new world – the world of modern logic. This man is (...)
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    The Constitution of Abstract Objects.Miroslava Trajkovski - 2021 - Theoria 87 (1):87-108.
    Theoria, Volume 87, Issue 1, Page 87-108, February 2021.
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    Emotions and Perception: The First Physiological Theory of Emotions.Miroslava Trajkovski - 2012 - Theoria: Beograd 55 (3):19-32.
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