Mary Hayhoe [3]Mary M. Hayhoe [3]
  1. Deictic codes for the embodiment of cognition.Dana H. Ballard, Mary M. Hayhoe, Polly K. Pook & Rajesh P. N. Rao - 1997 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 20 (4):723-742.
    To describe phenomena that occur at different time scales, computational models of the brain must incorporate different levels of abstraction. At time scales of approximately 1/3 of a second, orienting movements of the body play a crucial role in cognition and form a useful computational level embodiment level,” the constraints of the physical system determine the nature of cognitive operations. The key synergy is that at time scales of about 1/3 of a second, the natural sequentiality of body movements can (...)
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    Eye movements in natural behavior.Mary Hayhoe & Dana Ballard - 2005 - Trends in Cognitive Sciences 9 (4):188-194.
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    What you see is what you need.Jochen Triesch, Dana Ballard, Mary Hayhoe & Brian Sullivan - 2003 - Journal of Vision 3 (1):86-94.
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    Pointing the way.Dana H. Ballard, Mary M. Hayhoe, Polly K. Pook & Rajesh P. N. Rao - 1997 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 20 (4):758-763.
    The majority of commentators agree that the time to focus on embodiment has arrived and that the disembodied approach that was taken from the birth of artificial intelligence is unlikely to provide a satisfactory account of the special features of human intelligence. In our Response, we begin by addressing the general comments and criticisms directed at the emerging enterprise of deictic and embodied cognition. In subsequent sections we examine the topics that constitute the core of the commentaries: embodiment mechanisms, dorsal (...)
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    Adding Resolution to an Old Problem: Eye Movements as a Measure of Visual Search.Gregory J. Zelinsky1 Rajesh Pn Rao, Mary M. Hayhoe & Dana H. Ballard - 1996 - In Garrison W. Cottrell (ed.), Proceedings of the Eighteenth Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society. Lawrence Erlbaum. pp. 57.
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    Task dependent spatial memory across saccades.Keith S. Karn, Joel Lachter, Per Møller & Mary Hayhoe - 1994 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 17 (2):267-268.