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Marta Heckel
Cornell University
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    Parmenides’s Love of Honor and Lessons About How (Not) to Do Philosophy From Plato’s Parmenides.Marta Heckel - 2021 - Epoché: A Journal for the History of Philosophy 26 (1):47-68.
    In this paper, I show that the Parmenides provides important insight into how to properly engage in philosophical discussion—or, more accurately, how not to engage in it. From references to age, love-of-winning and love-of-honor, and a paral­lel to the Phaedo, I show that Parmenides is ruled by the spirited part of his soul in a way that compromises his ability to philosophize, and that the Parmenides is a warning about doing philosophy from a love of honor. Ideally, we should do (...)
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    Plato on the Role of Contradiction in Education.Marta Heckel - 2017 - British Journal for the History of Philosophy 25 (1):3-21.
    In this paper, I will look at two passages from the discussion of education in Book VII of Plato’s Republic: 523b-524d and 537e-539d. These passages, when taken together, present a puzzle for the coherency of the educational programme Socrates describes. Both discuss contradiction. One says that contradiction is educationally edifying, the other, that it is corrupting. This sounds like a contradiction about contradiction. As far as I know, no one has noticed this puzzle before. By the end of this paper, (...)
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    Plato's Guide to Philosophical Preparedness: The Dangers of Philosophy and How to Handle Them.Marta Heckel - 2017 - Dissertation, Cornell University
    Philosophy is dangerous business. At least, this is what Plato tells us. The literature on Plato’s metaphilosophy and methodology, however, has largely ignored this fact. In this dissertation, I show that an overemphasis on a narrow definition of Plato’s understanding of philosophy has meant we have missed an important account of how he proposes we navigate the dangers of rational inquiry. Framed as continuing the Platonic project of successfully and safely converting people to philosophy, this dissertation takes seriously the fact (...)
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